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 Volume 5    June 2013
Message from the Director
Big Data: Old Hat and Forte of the VACCINE Team
Big Data continutes to be a growing news and  research topic within the IT and business community as exemplified by the recent special section on Big Data in the New York Times as well as over 10 special issues/sections of IEEE publications on Big Data in 2013. VACCINE researchers have focused on Big Data challenges since 2004 when Dr. Joe Kielman and the Department of Homeland Security funded Dr. Jim Thomas to lead a team with the goal of defining the research challenges of visual analytics for the problems facing our nation. The visual analytics research agenda (Illuminating the Path: The Research and Development Agenda for Visual Analtyics), which was the result of our efforts, is exactly focused on enabling discovery, decisions, and actions from Big Data. Our team has been developing innovations in this arena for almost 10 years and has extensive experience solving Big Data challenges in public safety, public health, security, policy, business intelligence, social media, science and engineering.
If you want to transform your data deluge into an asset, we have the experts to desgin the solutions for you. We focus on all of the dimensions of the Big Data problems: Velocity, Volume, and Variety. There are several groups who claim Veracity or Viscosity of data are the fourth dimention and we have expertise in those areas as well. Human-guided visual analytics can solve many of the probelms that are still unsolved by most automated Big Data Analytics techniques. Next month, I'll further expand about the advantages of visual analytics but, in the meantime, please contact us to find out more.
Visual Analytics Certificate to come to Simon Fraser University
As a Center of Excellence specializing in the science of Visual Analytics (VA), we always like to see a partner university providing the education necessary to train future generations in the field. Faculty at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada have taken the informal coursework necessary to understand VA and formalized it into a certificate program. VACCINE PI, Dr. Brian Fisher is the current Certificate Director. 
The idea behind the certificate program was to build on the strong expertise Simon Fraser University has in social and cognitive sciences in conjunction with its visualization and computational prowess. The certificate will provide an interdisciplinary approach to training students in the field of VA. By working towards this graduate certificate, SFU gives  masters students coming from a range of backgrounds - the humanities, criminology, public health, environmental studies, etc. -  the knowledge tools, and methods to enable them to effectively apply visual analytics to various data sets in an effort to research and solve challenges. The certificate provides four critical components of VA: cognition, technology, society, and integration. To learn more about the certificate program, click here

-  Arizona State University undergrad A.J. Fairfield was selected as Honorable Mention in the Computing Research Association's (CRA) Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award 2013. Congratulations A.J.!
-  Dr. John Stasko and Dr. Sheelagh Carpendale gave invited talks at Graphics Interface in June.
-  Dr. Bill Ribarsky was the Capstone speaker at this year's EuroVA conference in June.
- On June 4th, VACCINE held its quarterly Public Safety Consortium Meeting. Topics included the presentation of GARI and MERGE. 
 On June 5thVACCINE attended an  INGang Network training and presented the GARI tool. 
- On June 6th a contingent from the Illinois State Police, including the Chief of Intelligence, Aaron Kustermann visited the VACCINE center to learn more about our tools.
- On June 17th, a faculty/student team from Texas A&M University - Kingsville arrived at the VACCINE lab. 
- We are looking forward to our visit from four Morgan State University students for their 2 week summer course starting on July 7th. 
- On July 29th through August 1st VACCINE will be hosting a MSI Visual Analytics Instructor Workshop this summer at Jackson State University in Mississippi. For more information contact us at vaccine@purdue.edu.
- On September 26th and 27th, VACCINE will host its annual meeting on Purdue's campus in West Lafayette, IN. 
- On November 13th and 14th VACCINE and the United States Coast Guard will be hosting the 2013 Maritime Risk Symposium in West Lafayette, Indiana.
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