Important Dates

  • September 7th - Labor Day PRACTICE AS USUAL
  • October 5th - Fall Break NO PRACTICE
  • November 23rd - Last Week of Practice (Rec & Select)

COVID Protocols

The following are the steps we’re taking across all facilities to keep our Youth Team climbers safe, while still giving them the opportunity to climb, during this time. Please make sure your climber is ready to follow these instructions from their first day of team onwards.
  • Any climber or coach exhibiting any symptoms or a heightened temperature will be required to stay home
  • Any who are capable are required to wear a facemask, including coaches and climbers
  • Climbers will move in smaller groups and these groups will not mix. Each group is set for the foreseeable future.
  • Climbers and coaches will be asked to maintain a distance of 6ft. from one another as much as possible.

USAC Fall Competitions

*Competition & Select Team Specific*

Details right now are loose but it is likely that USA Climbing will offer Qualifying Series events using a “virtual” model. In order to compete you will need to renew your Competitor or Introductory Membership via the Sport80 Portal and sign-up for an event at at least one participating facilities. Facilities will designate which week(s) their competition problems will be up and you simply need to come in and climb on the designated set during that time. 

You will need to complete your climbing on that day, entering completed climbs into an app, and your Top 5 scores will determine your final score. Top 25 scores for each age category move on to Regionals. This information will be more detailed when provided to members via USA Climbing communications but I am hoping to keep all Competition Team members up to date as I learn more about competition dates and locations.

Taxes on Team Dues

Behind all the fun routesetting, exercises, and games we play here at Climb Nashville are, like most every successful business, an accountant making sure we're above board in relation to tax law. Our accountant has recently shared that, going forward, we will need to charge the standard sales tax rate on our Team Dues. This will be reflected beginning in our September charges, please reach out if you have any questions
Some of you may be familiar with this video already but for all who are not I encourage you to study the movement and body positioning of Janja Garnbret in this footage from the last Studio Block Masters competition!
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