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What a time we live in – full of crises, but also filled with opportunities!  The world has gained some control of the pandemic, through the application of science, and this public health crisis will soon be in full retreat. Things have changed since covid-19 began, however. There is more online shopping, more zoom meetings, less travel and millions now working from home for most of the week. In short, it’s become a more digital world.

Our ATM industry and ATMIA have been very hard at work, during the crisis, preparing for the future and I believe we’re fully ready to retain the ATM as the preeminent channel for self-service banking for many, many years to come. Consider the following developments. The very first certifications for Next Gen ATMs are in the pipeline as we speak, inaugurating a new API App model for ATMs. This is the culmination of a multi-year global project involving unprecedented consensus across all markets and all sectors of the industry. And, this week, ATMIA and the ATM Security Association jointly launched the world’s first global-scale Crisis and Crime Management Intelligence System (CCMIS) to cover all types of crime attacks against ATMs and to provide a hub for any crisis which impacts the industry, whether a future pandemic, an environmental disaster or even a war. Earlier this week, I submitted my report to the Euro Retail Payments Board (ERPB), set up to ensure continued access to, and acceptance of, cash in the euro area for the future, as part of the Eurosystem’s Cash 2030 strategy. In the US, bipartisan support continues to grow rapidly for banning cashless retail establishments in the US.

In summary, I see ATMIA as striking exactly the right balance for these times between moving forward in integrating ATMs into the new mobile-digital world, while preserving the fundamental and timeless access to cash and the freedom of true payment choice for all. 

The global ATM industry is thus safe in the strong, guiding hands of ATMIA and the ATM Security Association, and as a result of so many amazing thought leaders and innovators in our industry and amongst our membership. Our future is bright!

Warmest regards,

Mike Lee
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Member of the Month
Our Member of the Month for May is South African Reserve Bank (SARB).
The primary mandate of the South African Reserve Bank is to protect the value of the currency in the interest of balanced and sustainable economic growth.

In addition to this, the SARB has a statutory mandate to enhance and protect financial stability in South Africa.

The SARB is also responsible for:

- issuing and destroying banknotes and coin;
- regulating and supervising financial institutions;
- managing the official gold and foreign reserves of the country;
- managing the national payments system;
- administering the country’s remaining exchange rate control systems;
- acting as the banker to government; and
- acting as lender of last resort to provide liquidity assistance in exceptional cases.
They have been a very loyal member since 2008. 


ATM Security Association Launches World’s First Crisis and Crime Management Intelligence System for the ATM Industry

The ATM Security Association (ASA) is proud to announce the launch of its new global Crisis and Crime Management Intelligence System (CCMIS).

The world’s first global crime intelligence database for the ATM industry, CCMIS is a centralized, searchable database of ATM incidents that will help every stakeholder in the industry from ATM deployers to security specialists and manufacturers understand current crime trends, methods of attack, crime migration patterns and emerging forms of attack. The database allows members to report an incident, search by location and type, and to pull reports, graphs and stats.

Read more here.

ATMIA Announces Retirement of Sharon Lane, Global Director of Finance and Member Services

(ATMIA) this week announces the approaching retirement of their much-loved Global Director of Finance and Member Services, Sharon Lane.
“Sharon’s 18-year career with ATMIA has been extraordinary and her legacy will be highly effective systems of both financial and membership management, as well as the culture of caring for each and every member,” said Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA. “I’m sad to lose her but happy for her personal milestone, which she has reached through an incredible work ethic and sheer consistency. I can only salute her and wish her a joyous and peaceful retirement.”
New ATMIA Position Paper on Universal Cash Deposits at ATMs

ATMIA published a public position paper recommending the widespread adoption of Universal Cash Deposit systems and standards for ATM networks worldwide.

The paper, which will be posted in the public domain and sent to regulators, promotes the position that Universal Cash Deposit for ATMs will assist communities and businesses in dealing with the decline in bank branches, while making cash itself more competitive in order to protect on-going access to cash for all demographic groups.

Read more here.

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Next Gen ATMs

Launch of Next Gen ATM System Inaugurates Global Race to Reinvent ATMs

The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) launched the official global certification system for Next Gen ATMs, the culmination of a four-year long industry project to create a new API App model for ATMs, integrating ATMs and mobile phones in one seamless new ecosystem.

“I’m proud and delighted to announce that the Consortium for Next Gen ATMs, made up of over 400 participating companies in 55 countries, working together since 2017, has created a brand new global architecture for app-based ATMs,” said Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA, Chairperson of the Consortium for Next Gen ATMs and President of the ATM Security Association. “Now that the online certification system for the new architecture has gone live on the ATMIA Next Gen portal, companies from anywhere in the world can certify their ATM products and services as Next Gen ready and receive their association certification badge of approval.”

Read full article.


News From ATMIA Members Worldwide 

How COVID-19 is shaping Self-Service Banking trends in Africa

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated Africa’s need to transform and adapt self-service banking to meet consumer needs, with smart ATMs playing an essential role.

Globally, 2020 saw rapid and unprecedented changes in the banking sector. Lockdowns, calls for social distancing, and a demand for online banking solutions forced banks and financial services to quickly adapt and restructure their offerings to meet changing customer behaviour and needs, putting the focus on more robust and efficient self-service banking options.

Read full article. 
ESQ Launches Independent FinTech Company, Cloudexa

ESQ Business Services, Inc., today announced the launch of Cloudexa Technology, Inc. – a FinTech company that specializes in cloud-based device monitoring and management solutions. By leveraging over 25 years of expertise from ESQ, Cloudexa will lead the FinTech disruption for this sector of the financial services industry through a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform and feature-rich product portfolio.

Read full article. 

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