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Franklin County Humane Society
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Plans are still underway for the 2014 St. George Island Summer Sizzler 5 K Run to be held on August 9, 2014.  The organizers are seeking sponsors and donors to help make this the biggest and best race yet.
Since becoming a Gulf Winds Track Club Grand Prix Event, this race has grown in leaps and bounds.  This race attracts people from all over the southeast and beyond and they don't come for just the day.  They come to St. George Island and Apalachicola with their family and friends to not only participate in the race but to also enjoy a few days of vacation before school resumes.
This is a great opportunity for local businesses to promote their business through sponsorship.  Your name can be included on the race website as well as your logo included on the Sizzler beach towel.
Individuals can help sponsor the event as well and donations of food and race packet donations are also needed.
Click here to download a sponsorship form.  Help us make this the most successful Sizzler yet!  The homeless pets of Franklin County need your help.
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These babies were brought to us by Animal Control a little over a week ago.  A couple days later, the other 3 from the same litter were brought to us.  They are 5 weeks old now and just as cute as can be.  Each one looks different and 2 are already spoken for.
If you have been wanting a small breed pup, one of these may be right for you.  They will be spayed/neutered in 3 weeks but don't delay if you want to adopt!
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Kitten season has been particularly challenging this year.  We have received so many very young kittens that our time and resources have been stretched to the max. 
Most of the litters came to us at about 3 weeks old, a critical time if they are without the mother, which was the case more often than not. Although we had some people fostering, it took our staff and volunteers many hours a day to keep these babies thriving.
They are now old enough and strong enough to be spayed and neutered and we have to get them adopted quickly to make room for others in need.  This is where the business owners in our community can help.
If you own or manage a business in this county and have a fair amount of foot traffic you could be a huge help to us.  By allowing us to showcase our kittens in your place of business, exposure to potential adopters increases tenfold.  In the past this has been a fantastic way to find these babies their forever homes.
If you would be willing to showcase for a week, a month or all year, please contact us at 670-8417.  It is fun, costumers love it and you will be making a huge difference in the lives of these babies.
* * * * *

Angelina and Bradley were found running as strays at St. James Bay Country Club in December 2013.  They were thin and full of parasites but sweet, beautiful and bonded.  We suspected they were mother and son.
They were so bonded we knew we couldn't separate them.  Angelina refused to walk on a leash unless Bradley was walking next to her and Bradley would howl and howl if Angelina was taken away from him.  We had to find someone who would adopt both of them.
They were adopted to a family a couple months after they had arrived.  We thought it would be a good fit and everyone was thrilled. Apparently the movie stars didn't care for the size of the yard and decided they would expand it by digging holes.  The owners didn't appreciate their landscaping efforts and were concerned they would dig out so they owner surrendered them back to us.
A month after their return they were adopted to a couple who was very familiar with collies and wanted them as companions to their elderly collie at home.  They would be inside dogs, coddled and spoiled.  Perfect.....not so much.
Turns out these two couldn't settled inside.  They must have always been outside dogs, possibly on a farm.  Bradley in particular had trouble adjusting.  He couldn't resist lifting his leg inside even after going for a walk and his appetite for the kitchen garbage was insatiable.  So, back they came.
Then a woman with plenty of fenced in yard, a shed for housing and a young border collie mix that needed to be taught some manners came to meet the movie stars.  She was told about their previous adoptions and why they were returned but she was confident these 2 were just what she and her errant pup needed.
With fingers crossed and hoping third time would be the charm, we sent them on their way.  Above is a picture of them lounging on their lawn, obviously very content and relaxed.  Finding the right home for each dog is challenging but when we match the right home with the right dog(s) there are few things more gratifying. 
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