Keep your Duo devices handy. To preview the changes, sign up for training.
Keep your Duo devices handy. To preview the changes, sign up for training.
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Winter Technology Updates

Reminder: Duo is changing February 28

Keep your Duo devices handy and consider signing up for training.
Duo Universal Prompt FAQ
Dear UO community,
Reminder: This Wednesday (February 28), the University of Oregon will update our Duo login to the new Duo Universal Prompt.

What action should I take by February 28?

  • Keep your Duo devices handy. All our Duo verifications will reset on February 28. The first time you log in to Duo-protected UO services after that, expect to get Duo prompts.
  • Have an older device? For the Duo Mobile app to continue working properly, your device must be running iOS 13 or later with Duo Mobile 4.17.0 or later, or Android 8 or later with Duo Mobile 4.16.0 or later. If you can't update your device by February 28, plan to use a different Duo verification method, such as passcodes or a hardware token.
  • Use an Apple Watch? The new Duo push notifications do work on Apple Watches, but it's not a very smooth experience. Be prepared for a slower Duo experience starting February 28, or plan to interact with Verified Duo Push on your iPhone.
That's it!

What's changing?

  • Duo push notifications are changing. If you're accustomed to tapping "Approve" on your smartphone or tablet, you'll now enter a three-digit code from the new Duo prompt. Learn more about the new Verified Duo Push.
  • You'll also notice other changes, including a new look and feel. Learn more in the FAQ.

Where can I get help?

  • Training. There's still time to attend a training webinar. Sign up today to attend our last session: tomorrow (Tuesday, Feb. 27) at 11:00 a.m.
  • Instructions. You can find the FAQ and other information about the Duo Universal Prompt in the UO Service Portal. We're also in the process of updating existing Duo-related instructions.
  • Tech support. If you have other questions or need help with Duo, please submit a ticket at Two-Step Login (Duo) Support. For real-time help, including evenings and weekends, please contact the Technology Service Desk.
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