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October 2016
October 2016
October 2016  |  A monthly publication of the National Speech & Debate Association
Dear Student,
Happy October! We want the world to hear what you have to say about the 2016 Election. Read below for how you and your team can get involved plus other exciting things to check out this month.  
October 19th Presidential Debate Polls » We loved your reaction to our live Vice Presidential Debate polling last week so we’re going for round two! On October 19 we will host a national poll throughout the Presidential Debate. Watch, discuss, and share your reactions with members from across the country. Follow us on social media to participate and be sure to join the conversation by tweeting with us using #debatingthedebates and  #voicesofthefuture
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EF Hutton Town Hall Debate » Last week, Executive Director Scott Wunn had the opportunity to moderate the EF Hutton Town Hall Debate between Peter Navarro and Austan Goolsbee, economic advisors to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, respectively. Reasons to check it out: the debate takes a deep dive into the economic policies of the presidential candidates, it's a chance to see former National Champion Goolsbee putting his speech and debate skills to use, and it features your national organization being tapped to facilitate a high profile debate. Watch now. 
CNN Speech & Debate Team Showcase » Members of the Grady High School Speech and Debate Team in Atlanta were showcased on CNN following the last Presidential Debate! Students were invited to CNN headquarters and recorded before, during, and after the debate. CNN followed the team as they flowed, reacted to statements by the candidates, and shared their opinions on who came out ahead. Check the story out here. Has your team been featured in the news during the election? We want to hear about it!
Go Viral » We want to feature you on social media! Share photos of you or your team members practicing and working in the classroom by tagging us in your pictures on social media or by submitting them to
Accidental Happiness » Need some inspiration? Check out the profile on Hanna Watson in the latest issue of Rostrum! Hanna joined the speech and debate team during the last semester of her senior year for a credit and found herself in the finals of Original Oratory at Nationals. Read her amazing story in the newest Student Spotlight
Policy Debate Starter Files » Jump into your debate season with the 2016-2017 Policy Debate Starter files, written by coach Sean Kennedy. Members can check out an affirmative, a negative, and a kritik to get started with the topic here
LD Topic Analysis » The September-October LD Topic Analysis is available to members. Take a look at affirmative and negative arguments regarding the prohibition of the production of nuclear power as well as some general advice.  
Speech is in the Movies! » Erica Dasher and Sami Kriegstein (Harvard National Champs 2004, Nat Finalists 2003-2004) made a documentary about speech and debate, and it’s hitting theaters right now. It’s called Figures of Speech (formerly This is Not a Club), it’s narrated by Chris Pine (Star Trek), and it follows four duos as they fight to make it onto our National Finals Stage. Erica and Sami have set up a special campaign through TUGG, a national theatrical distribution company, that makes it easy for you to host a screening! Each host gets 5% of the total screening income, and you can also set it up as a fundraiser for your favorite team or school. Click here to learn more!
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