Newsletter  9 July 2020
The High Atlas Biocultural Database is now online!
Global Diversity Foundation (GDF) and Moroccan Biodiversity and Livelihoods Association (MBLA) are pleased to share a new resource with you: the High Atlas Biocultural Database. This database, the result of years of research carried out through the High Atlas Cultural Landscapes Programme, can be used to search for plants that grow and are being used in the Moroccan High Atlas.
Ugo D’Ambrosio, Scientific and Technical Advisor of GDF’s Mediterranean Programme, says “This integrative and living biocultural database will be of great use for researchers as well as anyone else interested in learning about the rich biological and cultural diversity in the Moroccan High Atlas region. Seeing this multifaceted effort come to light to the public is a great pleasure and delight.”
GDF-MBLA would like to thank the local communities and authorities of Ait M’hamed, Imegdal, Oukaïmeden and Ourika for sharing their knowledge and time with us, the Marrakech regional herbarium (MARK) for their technical and infrastructural support, and the MAVA Foundation, the Darwin Initiative, the SGP-GEF-UNDP and the Open Society Foundations for their financial support.

Did you know that Moroccan thyme (Thymus saturejoides) is one of the five species belonging to the genus Thymus found in the Moroccan High Atlas? Endemic to Morocco and Algeria, the aerial parts of the plant are commonly used for food and medicine, and also for veterinary use, in animal feed, and for craft. Thymus saturejoides is overexploited because of its commercial value, and is threatened with extinction.
Read the floristic, ethnobotanical and commercialization data of Thymus saturejoides, and many more, by using the High Atlas Biocultural Database, which features 85 plant families from five taxonomic groups: horsetails (Equisetophyta), ferns (Pteridophyta), gymnosperms (Pinophyta), dicots (Magnoliopsida) and monocots (Liliopsida).
Best wishes,
Emily Caruso, GDF U.K. Director
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