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May 3, 2022

  1. Message from Interim Director Ed Martin
  2. 2021-2022 CS&P Decisions
  3. Upcoming Special Event: INHABITANTS Panel & Asynchronous Screening
  4. WRRC Brown Bag - Water Reuse Action Plan and REUSExplorer Demo
  5. Continuing Status and Promotion Workshop for University of Arizona Cooperative Extension Faculty
  6. Assistant Agent, 4-H Youth Development Position (Willcox, AZ)
  7. Range Monitoring 101 Workshop

Message from the Interim Director of Extension

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” What does that have to do with Extension? Well, Lincoln signed the Morrill Act, which got the whole land-grant system going. But more importantly, this points to the need for all of us to make sure our tools are sharp, our minds are sharp, and we are prepared to tackle the next challenge. All too often, we are so busy cutting down the tree, we forget to take time to sharpen that axe. This makes it even harder or impossible to cut down the tree, and takes so much of our time, that by the time we get to the next tree, we just keep chopping and never sharpen the axe. Please be sure to take time to reassess, make sure you have the right tools, the right approach, and even, sometimes, you’re chopping the right tree. Also, take some time to take care of yourself, both physically and mentally. After all, you’re the one swinging the axe, and an axe by itself is just a prop for the tinman.

2021-2022 Continuing Status and Promotions

Congratulations to those that have successfully been promoted during the 2021-22 Continuing Status and Promotion cycle. 

Andrew Brischke promoted to Area Associate Agent with Continuing Status
Ashley Hall promoted to Area Associate Agent with Continuing Status
Amy Parrott promoted to Area Agent
Mike Hauser promoted to Agent
Katherine Speirs promoted to Associate Specialist with Continuing Status
Karletta Chief promoted to Specialist
Gregg Garfin promoted to Specialist
Michele Walsh promoted to Specialist

We’re proud of all you do and all you contribute to the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension!

Upcoming Special Event: INHABITANTS Panel & Asynchronous Screening

As part of the WRRC’s Indigenous Water Dialogues, we are pleased to announce a special panel discussion of INHABITANTS: Indigenous Perspectives On Restoring Our World, as well as free screening for all event registrants. The film is a beautiful account of the role that Native communities have in shaping our broader approach to climate change adaptation as it explores the restoration of their traditional land management practices. Using both narrative and visual depictions of Native land stewardship methods in deserts, coastlines, forests, and prairies, INHABITANTS relates the personal histories of five Native American Tribes and how they have continued to exercise their self-determination to address the local and global challenges posed by our changing climate.
The film will be made available to registrants one week in advance of the panel so that they may watch it on their own time prior to attending the event. Access will remain available for viewing through May 23. The virtual panel will be held via Zoom on May 16 from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm Arizona time. The discussion will be moderated by Rebecca Tsosie J.D., Regents Professor of Law, University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law, and will feature panelists Michael Kotutwa Johnson, Assistant Specialist, UArizona Resiliency Center, School of Natural Resources and the Environment, and Costa Boutsikaris, co-director/cinematographer of the film. The panel discussion will include time for Q&A.

WRRC Brown Bag - Water Reuse Action Plan and REUSExplorer Demo

Water Reuse Action Plan and REUSExplorer Demo
Tuesday, May 17, 2022
12:00 pm – 1:15 pm Arizona Time
Sharon Nappier, National Program Leader for Water Reuse, US Environmental Protection Agency

The National Water Reuse Action Plan (WRAP) helps drive progress on reuse by leveraging the expertise of scientists, policymakers, and local experts across the country to create a more resilient water future for communities of all sizes. The collaborative launched in February 2020 with federal, state, Tribal, local, and water sector partners to build state and local capacity to pursue reuse practices that help to solve local water resource challenges. There are currently more than 100 organizations partnering on 50 actions in the plan, ranging from scientific and technical advancements in water reuse to better policy and coordination across jurisdictions.

The presentation will highlight progress across the WRAP actions and provide a demo of a new tool: Regulations and End-Use Specifications Explorer (REUSExplorer). The REUSExplorer compiles state water reuse regulations and guidelines and highlights the underlying scientific and technical basis of water quality metrics. This new web-based tool, developed by the  Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and partners under WRAP Action 3.1, is searchable by state, source of water and end-use application to assist states interested in developing regulations and help utilities and practitioners to better understand current regulations. The first end-uses available include potable water reuse, onsite non-potable reuse, and other centralized non-potable reuse applications, not including agricultural and landscape reuse applications. The REUSExplorer is available at http://www.epa.gov/reusexplorer.

Continuing Status and Promotion Workshop for University of Arizona Cooperative Extension Faculty

May 23 12:30-4:45pm to May 24 8:00am-12:45pm

Maricopa County Extension Office, Phoenix, AZ; and Online via Zoom

Registration is Open! 
Link for In-Person Registration: https://uarizona.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_0JnG9JccPk8oAvk

Link for online Zoom Registration: https://arizona.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZMkcuutrz0pHdXlMRRocamr1zh6FqU8GN1x

If you are an assistant agent or specialist (pre 3rd year retention or 6th year mandatory review), associate agent/specialist considering going up to full agent, or a CED with faculty going through the promotion process, please join us May 23-24 at the Maricopa County Extension office for a workshop on Putting Together a Successful Promotion Packet. We will discuss the most important sections of the packet (the CV, the Candidate Statement, and the Service and Outreach Portfolio), as well as go through the packet process and timeline, and discuss the roles of the agent and the CED in successfully submitting a packet. There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion. This is an in-person workshop, however if you are unable to attend in person a hybrid option is available. 

There is no charge for this workshop, however please make your own hotel and travel arrangements.

Please register by Friday, May 13th so we can have an accurate count for breakfast/lunch/snacks.

If you have any questions, please contact Chris Jones (ckjones@arizona.edu), Ashley Wright (awright143@arizona.edu) or Patty Merk (pmerk@arizona.edu).
 We hope to see you (or “see” you) there 😊

Assistant Agent, 4-H Youth Development Position (Willcox, AZ) (Req9530)

Cochise County Cooperative Extension is looking to fill the position of continuing eligible Assistant Extension Agent in 4-H Youth Development. This position provides youth in Cochise County with non-formal educational opportunities designed to help them develop into productive and engaged citizens. This position will provide leadership to grow a large, multi-layer volunteer organization that delivers high-quality youth development programming through a wide variety of content areas.

See job posting for additional details

Range Monitoring 101 Workshop

Please save the date on Thursday, May 26, 2022 for a Rangeland Monitoring 101 Workshop at Deep Well Ranch, near Prescott, AZ.

This workshop will cover the fundamental concepts and basics of monitoring rangelands. Topics to be covered include:
      Goals of Monitoring/Key Area Concept
    •  Ecological Site Descriptions (ESDs)
    •  Terrestrial Ecological Unit Inventory (TEUI)
    •  Production/Utilization
    •  Trend Monitoring
    •  Drought Planning

Public Land Management Agency Professionals and Ranchers are highly encouraged to attend. More details will be forthcoming as they get worked out. Please contact Andrew Brischke at: brischke@cals.arizona.edu for more information.

TEN Submittal Process

Please submit your news by 4:00pm Monday to TMN [tmn@cals.arizona.edu].

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