Dear District Leader,

We are so grateful for your leadership in these ever-changing times! Check out the latest news and notes for district leaders below.

Your District Date Checklist

Download a complete list of district chair deadlines and instructions to help organize leadership responsibilities. What's due next month: 
  • May 1 - Reserve your district’s color ad space in our online tournament book. Submit the winners of your district level awards. 
  • May 10 - Hold a virtual district tournament event, if applicable.
  • May 11 - Submit your district's qualifiers to the national office. World Schools teams are due. Late elimination judge nominations are due. 
  • May 15 - Submit your final district tournament book ad.


District Leader Toolkit
Submit Your District Award Winners
View the Unified Manual
View the Pilot Manual

Service Citations for District Committee Positions

Because of your leadership in our community, you likely have service citations to add from this year before the May 15 deadline for service award recognition in the National Tournament program book. If you've already claimed your service citations for this year's service as a district leader, great! If you don't get a chance to log in and do that, we'll take care of it for you and add your NSDA specific leadership citations at the end of the year.  

Advocacy Webinar Recording

In this webinar, Membership Manager Annie Reisener shares how to use our resources to advocate for speech and debate programs. Is there is an advocacy tool you'd like us to create? Email us

Share this Online Big Questions Funding Opportunity! 

Schools that have not received BQ funding during the 2019-2020 school year have the opportunity to host a Big Questions online competition, in accordance with all CDC, local, regional, and national recommendations. Encourage schools in your district to apply now to earn one of up to 50 free memberships.
Virtual Big Question events with at least 10 participants who each compete in at least 3 rounds earn one free school membership for the 2020-2021 school year. Virtual Big Questions events with at least 25 participants who each compete in at least 3 rounds earn one free school membership and Resource Package for the 2020-2021 school year. 
If interested, please check out our BQ resources and fill out an application to hold an event!

Cast Your Ballot: Board of Directors and Hall of Fame Voting

Board of Directors » Help select the leaders of our organization! Each school shall vote for up to four candidates in our biennial Board of Directors election through the NSDA Voting section of an NSDA Account. Voting concludes May 1 and elected representatives shall serve from August 1, 2020 to July 31, 2024. Read the statements from our seven candidates here. Please encourage schools in your district to participate! 
Hall of Fame » Current Hall of Fame members and active coaches with three or more diamonds may vote online to select this year's inductees to the Hall of Fame. If you are eligible to vote, log in to your Account and select NSDA Voting from the left side menu. Voting closes April 24. 

Academic All American Award Point Exceptions

Help spread the word! Due to the shortened seasons seniors are facing, we've lowered the point requirement for the Academic All American Award for the Class of 2020 from 750 points to 650 points. Students with at least 650 points will not be flagged as AAA eligible, but coaches can nominate seniors seniors at that level who meet the other requirements. 

Mission Moment 

What you do as coaches and district leaders helps us build a diverse community committed to empowering students through competitive speech and debate. Thank you for helping Quinlan and 140,000 other students across the country uncover their confidence and find their voices. 
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