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Work By: Gabrielle Ramsey, Communication Design

FALL 2021, ISSUE 2

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The Ullman School of Design wants to take a moment to wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season! As we celebrate the conclusion of another wonderful Fall Semester and calendar year, we send our best wishes to you and your loved ones into the upcoming New Year.


DAAP CLOSED: Winter Season Days

December 20th, 2021 - January 2nd, 2022

CRSP Paid Summer Internship Opportunity

Summer 2022


  • Fashion Design student, Ryane Johnson, was awarded the Virgil Abloh ‘Post Modern’ Scholarship from the Fashion Scholarship Fund. The award includes a $7,500 scholarship and trip to attend the FSF Gala in New York in February 2022.

    The Virgil Abloh™️ “Post-Modern” Scholarship Fund was created in 2020 by Virgil Abloh with the Fashion Scholarship Fund to identify and uplift students of academic promise of Black, African American, or African descent.

  • CODE student, Hatsue Andrews, is willing to stray from the comfort of a signature style. Her work was featured on our @daap_design instagram as our December #daapstar.

    “I can appreciate when a photographer has a certain style—where when you see an image you immediately know that they took it. But I don’t want to be confined in that box. I’m trying to avoid that feeling where once you have so many pieces with a specific look, you become afraid to make something different. My body of work is the result of my desire to freely play and experiment.”

"The organized(?) chaos that is the holiday snack table", @byhatsue on instagram.

  • Associate Professor Matthew Wizinsky, Assistant Professor Muhammad Rahman, and MDes student DJ Trischler served as guest co-editors of the very first virtual issue of the journal Visual Anthropology Review. The issue titled “Sympathetic Resonance: Visual Anthropology & Visual Communication Design“ was a collaboration with the journal Visible Language, the oldest peer-reviewed journal of design, published by UC’s School of Design. 

  • Professor Rahman celebrates the end of Fall Semester with his CODE Typography 3 and Design Methodology 1 Students:

    He shares, "It is such a satisfying feeling. Design studios in #DAAP at the University of Cincinnati are getting busy, often messy, colorful, carefully detailed, pinned with iterative process work, beautiful project outcomes — and more essentially with lots of people. Big shout out to our sophomore students who just started to get the real flavor of their university experience after a full year of virtual learning." 

Students in Professor Rahman's courses celebrating beautiful project outcomes of Fall Semester.

  • MDes alumnus Siyi Zhu (Class of 2021) and Professor Yong-Gyun Ghim gave a paper presentation "Shape-Changing Control Interface Design: Augmenting Physical Affordances to Enhance a Digital Interface Experience in Cross-Device Interaction" at the 12th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics (AHFE) 2021, July 25-29, 2021.

  • Gabrielle Ramsey (CODE), created a photo book in Professor France's Photography II class. Her goal was to capture the eerie and empty quality of campus with the absence of students and faculty. This includes the cover photo for our second issue of the SOD Newsletter, titled "DAAP Aronoff Entrance 9:13pm". 
"Langsam Library, 5th Floor 7:30PM", is one of thirty-five photos in @gramsaystudio's photo book.

  • 4th Year Collaborative Studio teams developed several products and brand prototypes resulting in a single idea and a small batch run of 15 units. The students then sold their products at the ID end of semester Pop-up Shop at Findley Market:

Project: Halo // Liquid Diffuser ; Team: Konrad Kowalk (ID), Manisha Kishinchand (CODE), Madison Haenszel (CODE)
Project: Collect // Modular Shelving System ; Team: Max Wills (ID), Jacob Schrimer (ID), 
Amanda Casey (CODE)


Yong-Gyun Ghim

Assistant Professor, Industrial Design

Professor Ghim's research article "Allocated Flow Diagramming: A Structured Process and Methods for Teaching Interactive Product Prototyping in Industrial Design" was published in Archives of Design Research, 34(4).

He gave a paper presentation "Ageless Design: Interdependency Between Complexity and Simplicity in Visual Perception of Product Aesthetics for Product Longevity" at the 12th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics (AHFE) 2021, July 25-29, 2021.

Claudia Rebola

Associate Dean for Research & Associate Professor, Industrial Design

Dr. Rebola was a recipient of a 2021 Staff Excellence Award for her outstanding achievements and contributions the University of Cincinnati. This program recognizes staff members from across the university who go above and beyond to perform their duties in an outstanding manner and who directly contribute to the success of the university, as Claudia does for DAAP, the University of Cincinnati, and beyond.

Muhammad Rahman & Reneé Seward

Assistant Professor & Associate Professor, Communication Design

Assistant Professor Rahman, with Professor Reneé Seward as co-author, published article “Introduction to the Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS): Enhancing EGD Awareness in the Communication Design Studio” in the Communication + Place Journal. This paper summarized the experimental outcomes from a sophomore-level studio project during the virtual online classes in Fall 2020. The applications of advanced typographic design and strategies for organizing information for expedient comprehension was successfully examined and explored through an experimental tabular typography exercise with functional Flight Information Display System (FIDS) in mind. They have also presented the paper in the SEGD Academic Summit 2021.


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