JANUARY 3, 2019
Georgia sues opioid manufacturers for allegedly fueling drug crisis
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Georgia’s government is suing several opioid manufacturers and distributors for pushing their drugs while understating the dangers. READ MORE
Exchange enrollment extended in counties ravaged by hurricane
Georgia Health News
Federal health officials have extended the enrollment deadline for people in South Georgia affected by Hurricane Michael. They can enroll in the Affordable Care Act exchange till Feb. 20. Floridians affected by the storm also have an extended sign-up period. |
Short-term health plans hold savings for consumers, profits for brokers and insurers
Kaiser Health News
Sure, they’re less expensive for consumers, but short-term health policies have another side: They’re highly profitable for insurers and offer hefty sales commissions. | READ MORE
Recall alert: 80 lots of Valsartan blood pressure tablets recalled
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
The new year brings a new blood pressure medication recall. This time Aurobindo Pharma USA has recalled 80 lots of its Amlodipine Valsartan Tablets USP, Valsartan HCTZ Tablets USP and Valsartan Tablets USP due to a trace amounts of an impurity that was not expected in the finished doses. | READ MORE
Hospitals must make prices public starting January 1
Do hospitals really charge patients $15 for a Tylenol and even more for a bandage? How much will I get billed for my new pacemaker? Will my emergency care for a heart attack cost more than my house? | READ MORE
Over 8,000 citations issued in first six months of Georgia hands-free law
The Augusta Chronicle
Since it went into effect July 1, Georgia’s hands-free law has resulted in more than 8,000 citations statewide. | READ MORE
What support should physicians expect from health IT vendors?
AMA Wire
Implementing digital health technology can be complicated and time-consuming, taking clinics and hospitals almost two years to go from identifying a need to adopting and scaling a solution. Throughout this process, physicians should get proper support from their information technology vendors. | READ MORE
Fulton County proposing sweeping expansion of mental health services
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
A year after Fulton County outsourced its mental health and addiction services, local leaders say they want to further expand resources by securing more state support. | READ MORE
[Metro Atlanta] Schools try health programs to improve student performance
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Metro Atlanta school districts are adding in-school health care access for students, in line with a growing belief that healthier students can result in better learning and performance. | READ MORE
Rural birth centers would help many Georgia women
Georgia Health News
As of July 1, 2018, people in rural counties in Georgia can receive local hospital services through micro-hospitals. Although these 24-hour emergency units with less than 10 inpatient beds will help improve access to many types of care for the 17 percent of Georgians who live in rural counties, they are not likely to improve access to maternity services. | READ MORE
Residents in these medical specialties have the most regrets
AMA Wire
One in seven medical residents reported regret about their career choice, which was strongly linked to symptoms of burnout. And 7 percent reported regret about their specialty choice, according to the results of a survey of more than 3,500 second-year residents. | READ MORE
Here's your must-have checklist for med school success
AMA Wire
Here’s an easy-to-navigate rundown of the top tasks students should prioritize during their first and second years of training, including resources on studying, building your CV and choosing a specialty. Keep this advice handy as you move through your early years of training. | READ MORE
This local doctor earned a statewide award for his work improving emergency care (features MAG member)
The Times
Dr. Mohak Davé can’t walk the halls of the Northeast Georgia Medical Center or even sit in the hospital’s cafe without someone shaking his hand, giving him a high five or waving from across the way. | READ MORE
Retired surgeon recalls accomplishments of centenarian Dr. Thomas Freeman (features MAG member)
Bluffton Today
A lot can happen in 100 years. There are wars, advances in medical science, social movements, political takeovers, fashion trends and new inventions — and one local man has seen them all. | READ MORE
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