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August 2018
It is with much excitement that RMS welcomes Jason DeWispeleare in to his new position as Lab Safety Compliance Program Manager, Biosafety Officer and Chemical Hygiene Officer. Jason replaced Lisa Phillips after her May retirement. Jason has degrees in Biology, and Chemistry from Manchester College. He also has a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (C.H.M.M.) accreditation and is currently working on a MBA at IUSB. He joined the University in January 2012 serving as a Safety Technician and Hazardous Materials Specialist. In the pursuit of developing a safety-centric culture, Jason welcomes ideas, questions and concerns to facilitate research, while complying with regulatory requirements and best practices.
A recent Green Belt Project has improved the safety culture on our campus by providing the ability to track safety data. For more specifics on the enhancements, read Green Belt Project tracks safety problems on campus, leads to improvements by Gwen O'Brien, Internal Communications.
Dangers of Dry Ice
A woman perished and another individual was hospitalized after losing consciousness while riding in a vehicle containing coolers of dry ice. For more information on the accident and the dangers of Dry Ice, please read Death by dry ice: Coolers stored in car lead to 'horrific accident' 
                                            Woman Burned in UMass Lab Fire

A woman suffered burns from a quick flash fire that occurred while working under a fume hood in a polymer research lab at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. For more information read Woman Burned in UMass Lab Fire

The following labs have scored 100% on their joint assessments for 2017-18.

College of Engineering:
Melissa Berke
Peter Burns
Patrick Fay
Harindra Fernando
Elizabeth Kerr
Kristine Mitchell
Karel Matous
Scott Morris
Robert Nerenberg
David Richter
Joshua Shrout
Antonio Simonetti
Na Wei
Pinar Zorlutuna

College of Science:
William Archer
Gary Belovsky
Frank Collins
Crislyn D'Souza-Schorey
Jeff Feder
Malcolm Fraser
Jacek Furdyna
Ronald Hellethal 
Stuart Jones
Prashant Kamat
Gary Lamberti
Matthew Leevy
Laurie Littlepage
Jason McLachlan
Abigail Mechtenberg
Nancy Michael
Joseph O'Tousa
Mary Prorok
Jennifer Robichaud
Robert Schulz
David Severson
Amy Stark
Jennifer Tank
Gregory Timp
Kevin Vaughan
Steve Wietstock
Jaroslav Zajicek

Other Labs & ND Research:
David Boone
Francis Castellino
Karen Dahl
Sylwia Ptasinska
Molly Duman Scheel
Charles Tessier

As we transition to the start of the Fall semester, the following are some helpful tips when assigning, tracking, and completing training:
Enhancements were made to the dotted line supervisor process. When setting these up please follow these instructions.
After setting up training assignments, you may find the Training Overview Dashboard to be helpful (page 4 of this link). It will show training assignments for those who are complete, in process or not started. Note: By default it only searches 3 months back, so if you need to search further back choose the appropriate date range.
• Several courses include supplemental materials that must be reviewed prior to submitting the training. Be sure to download and review any supplemental materials by clicking the hyperlink under "Documents" on the Launch Course Page before submitting.
Be sure that any pop-up blockers are disabled and allow for Metric Stream (
Laboratory Safety Parts 1,2 & 3 courses have external quizzes required to be completed which are generated upon completion of the narrated content. To complete them, click on the link located under Pending Tests on the "My Trainings" page.
As always, please email the complyND team with any questions at
                              ENVIRONMENTAL CORNER
Appointment Authorization Form
The Notre Dame Wellness Center, in partnership with Risk Management and Safety has implemented a new Appointment Authorization form that must accompany a patient to occupational health appointments including DOT, TB Surveillance, ND Business Travel, Vaccinations and Respiratory Surveillance.  This form is NOT required for treatment of injuries. The form can be found on the RMS website and must be filled out and signed by the PI/Supervisor and brought by the employee to their appointment. If you have questions, please contact the Notre Dame Wellness Center Occupational Health Team by email at,  by phone at 574-631-2371 or Erin Hafner at or 574-631-5037.
                           "NEW RULES" FOR LAB SAFETY
Lab safety is always important. Check out this Dua Lipa "New Rules" parody music video for some laughs and respect for safety precautions to take when working in a lab.
Lab Rules -
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