Happy August!
Happy August!
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Couldn't Love Summer S'More!

We hope that you are enjoying your summer, it’s been a hot one! We hope you are staying happy, healthy, and safe as you enjoy all that summer has to offer. We’d love to hear what you are up to – especially those outdoor activities that we can’t always enjoy during the – dare we say it – winter months! We’ve been happy to have several helping hands recently, with various interns and volunteers contributing their wonderful time and thoughts to our program. With our interns’ help, we’ve recently added a new “definitions” page to our website, CHECK IT OUT and let us know if you have anything to add!
We have some great stuff to share with you, so read below to see the helpful info and recommendations that our interns and volunteers have assembled for you this time around!

Youth Making a Difference

Jaylen Arnold
By MVP Intern
Jaylen Arnold is 22 years old, and is the founder and creator of Jaylens Challenge Foundation, Inc. He created the concept because of bullying. Jaylen got bullied for having Tourette’s Syndrome. Over the past 10 years Jaylen spoke to over 185,000 students across 20 states, sharing his experiences of bullying and encouraging self-worth. Jaylen is the only American to receive the Princess Diana Legacy Award (more info HERE). Victims of bullying have told Jaylen they previously contemplated suicide but didn’t go through with it after hearing his story. Learn more about Jaylens Challenge HERE.
Marley Dias
By MVP Intern
Marley Dias is an American activist and author. In November 2015 when Dias was in 6th grade, she started a campaign titled #1000BlackGirlBooks to collect 1000 books with black female protagonists for black girsl attending other schools. 
Learn about her book HERE and learn more about Marley's accomplishments HERE.
Jaylen Arnold
Marley Dias

Student Art Gallery

Take a look at the art pieces below. These are all created by youth in our community! If you're interested in sharing your art or poetry in our newsletters or website, EMAIL US anytime!

Relationships in the Media

By MVP Staff & Intern
Famous couples often dominate social media and even news. Some of the high-profile relationships we see seem healthy, and some seem to have some unhealthy traits. Let's talk about some famous relationships, past and present.
Healthy Examples
Dylan Sprouse & Barbara Palvin
This is a good reminder that we don't know what goes on behind closed doors, but publicly, Dylan seems to be head over heels for Barbara. No red flags that we've noticed yet.
Big Sean and Jhené Aiko
They felt like they knew each other for ages and Jhené says she felt at ease and comfortable when she first met Big Sean. Again, we don't know more than what we've seen and heard from them, but feeling comfy with a partner is a great thing!
Unhealthy Examples
Ella and Tyrique from Love Island
Tyrique constantly puts doubts in Ella's mind and they both participate in arguments and fights on a regular basis. 
Chris Brown and Rihanna
There has been a lot of conversation around this couple both throughout their relationship and also afterwards. Students often talk about how Chris gets a lot of hate, but they also point out that both Chris and Rihanna had participated in unhealthy behaviors.
*It is important to know that the amount of info we get about a relationship that isn't our own will always be very limited. It is possible for both people in a relationship to use unhealthy or violent actions - while that doesn't make it "right," we can still find resources for everyone involved in order to decrease violent behaviors and increase healthy communication.
If you or anyone you know would like more information about unlearning violent behaviors, contact us anytime! You can EMAIL US or call our help line: 612.825.0000.
 Big Sean & Jhené Aiko
Chris Brown & Rihanna

Recommendations from Youth

As always, we asked youth to tell us recommendations for things to watch, listen to, & read. And you all delivered!
Teenager Therapy is "a podcast that's a coming of age story portrayed in real-time. A culmination of mistakes and growth and a reminder you're not alone."
Episodes our interns recommend:
"Attachment Issues" because they talk about how scary attachment can be if you can't control it or become dependent on another person.
"Why Do We Feel Misunderstood By Friends?" where they talk about feeling misunderstood, alone, and how to stay connect4ed to friends despite distance. 
For You From Eve is "a self-love, wellness podcast brought to you weekly by Olivia Eve Shabo. When clicking onto this podcast, you are entering a safe space where topics such as health, fitness, self love, relationships, motivation, and more is discussed. For You From Eve is like being on Facetime with your best friend; tough love advice, and someone to listen and respond to anything you are struggling with."
Check out our Spotify Recommendations on our MVP Page. We've made some new Playlists: Motivational Vibes and Love & Relationships. Listen & let us know what you think!

Mean Girls
Bullet Train

Red Notice
TV Shows

Never Have I Ever
On My Block
Cobra Kai 
Modern Family
Outer Banks
Ginny & Georgia
The Walking Dead
If you have any recommendations for us, EMAIL US anytime and we'll include your thoughts in our next newsletter. 

Celebrating Summer

We celebrated National Night Out this month at Tubman's NorthStar Youth Outreach Center at the Maplewood Mall.
National Night Out is an opportunity to get together with your community to get to know your neighbors and surroundings. At NorthStar we shared tasty treats, gave out balloons and little prizes, and did a lot of painting!

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