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May 2021

Flashpoint -

Risk Management & Safety's quarterly lab safety newsletter bringing you pertinent safety information to aid in keeping our campus safe. In this issue:

Safety Kudos

Concrete Canoe Club's Enhanced Safety Program Aids in Win

In early 2020, a student member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) ND Student Chapter was working on a competition project for the Concrete Canoe Club and was injured using a non-self retracting box cutter. An emergency hospital visit was required and the student received stitches. 

This event set into motion a series of actions that dramatically improved the club's safety culture. The Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences faculty and staff began an injury investigation. Tina Mitchell and Dr. Andrew Bartolini completed a root cause analysis and generated action items. With this help and direction, the students developed an in depth safety manual, created and posted PPE pictograms (shown below) and gathered Safety Data Sheets. Students received applicable training and Job Hazard Analyses were completed. Safety officer positions were created and those officers plan on completing the OSHA 10 hr. Constructions course.  

The student's extreme ownership of their club safety has produced rewarding results. The team placed first in their competition. Judges continually praised the work put into the safety program documentation. Kudos to the students, faculty and staff for their commitment to safety and Notre Dame excellence.

Daily Safety Talks (Toolbox Talk) Training Library Now Available

Looking for safety topics for your next meeting, daily huddle or informal group discussion? Our Daily Safety Talks (Toolbox Talk) Training Library contains brief documents that can be used to promote a culture of safety by training personnel on various safety & health issues, as well as facilitate health and safety discussions. You can find the link on the RMS Training web page under Training Resources.

Report a Hazard Icon on ND Mobile App

Reporting a hazard on campus has now become easier with an icon placed at the top of most personas on the ND Mobile App. RMS welcomes all reports as an opportunity to keep our campus safe. If you do not see it, reset the app by clicking on the silhouette, then "Settings" and "Reset this app."

Why Opening Windows Is a Key to Reopening Schools

"Why Opening Windows is a Key to Reopening Schools" is an interesting article with simulated illustrations depicting how ventilation is the most effective and practical way to rid a space of contaminants.

Safety Alert

At Other Universities:
Uncontrolled Reaction - Michigan State University East Lansing, MI - Two people were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries after an uncontrolled reaction that was contained to a "hood vent" occurred in April. For more details, read here.

Safety Notices

New Online Hepatitis B Declination Form  - Hepatitis B Declination forms can now be completed online. RMS collaborated with the Office of Information Technology to create this online form for employees on campus who have been offered, but are declining the Hepatitis B vaccination. For more information, please see this safety notice.
Submitting a Safety Incident - The University's incident reporting process provides electronic tools for reporting injuries and other safety incidents, including releases to the environment, property damage and near miss events. Work-related injuries, no matter how minor, must be reported within 24 hours. Complete instructions can be found on this safety notice.


If you have completed training in ComplyND and your course still shows as “in progress” try this helpful tip!  

Return to ComplyND and once the course loads on your “my training” page, click the launch button.  Once you open the course click the “EXIT LESSON” button.  Even though the course produced a certificate for your hard work, clicking the “EXIT LESSON” button fully moves the course to a completed status.  Below is a screen shot showing where this can be found:

OSHA Turns 50

"50 Years of Workplace Safety and Health" shares a timeline of the important progress that OSHA has made in transforming workplace safety.

Occupational Health Corner 

Respiratory Protection Voluntary Use forms are now completed online! 
RMS partnered with the Office of Information Technology to create this online form for employees on campus who are not required to wear respirators as part of their job, but choose to wear them. Employees may wish to wear respirators for additional protection against ambient materials that are not producing negative health exposures or to minimize nuisance levels of ambient materials. This is considered voluntary use of a respirator. Employees are required to complete this form only one time during their course of employment with the University.

If you or your staff are wearing respirators voluntarily, you can complete the form by visiting the Respiratory Protection page on the RMS Website and clicking on the Respiratory Protection Voluntary Use Form. Please direct any questions to Erin Hafner at or 574-631-7889.

Safety History

Most have heard of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire that killed 146 and injured more. Out of that tragedy came laws and regulations to protect the safety of workers. For details of the story and the progress that resulted from it, read here.
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