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Flashpoint - Risk Management & Safety
September 2018
A recent Green Belt Project has improved the safety culture on our campus by providing the ability to track safety data. For more specifics on the enhancemnts, read "Green Belt Project tracks safety problems on campus, leads to improvements" by Gwen O'Brien, Internal Communications.

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September is recognized as the National Preparedness Month and gives us an opportunity to encourage and remind faculty, staff and students to be prepared for disasters or emergencies that could happen at home, on campus or in the community. This month’s theme will be “Disasters Happen. Prepare Now. Learn How.” Preparing before an emergency incident plays a vital role in ensuring that everyone has the necessary equipment, knows where to go and knows how to keep themselves safe when an emergency occurs. This month would be a good time to review your department's or building's emergency plan.  If  your department or building does not have one, please visit the Emergency Action Plans webpage on the RMS website.
The following are some helpful tips when assigning, tracking and completing training:

To determine what training may be required based on specific job tasks or hazards, review the University’s Training Needs Assessment using the colored tabs to access the Operations information. This tool also identifies which courses are available in complyND.
After setting up training assignments, you may find the Training Overview Dashboard to be helpful (page 4 of this link). It will show training assignments for those who are complete, in process or not started. Note: By default it only searches 3 months back, so if you need to search further back choose the appropriate date range.
Several courses include supplemental materials that must be reviewed prior to submitting the training. Be sure to download and review any supplemental materials by clicking the hyperlink under “Documents” on the Launch Course Page before submitting.
Enhancements were made to the dotted line supervisor process. When setting them up please follow these instructions.
Be sure that any pop-up blockers are disabled and allow for Metric Stream (

As always, please email the complyND team with any questions at

Trip and Fall
An employee tripped, fell and broke an ankle after tripping on an uneven transition between sidewalk pavers and concrete. The employee was transported to the hospital and hospitalized overnight as a result of the injury. For more information, read this Safety Alert.
What is the Good Catch (Near Miss) Incident Report Used for?

Hint: Check out RMS website's Incident Reporting & Management page.

A drawing will be made from all the correct responses sent to by September 26, 2018. A prize will be awarded and the winner will be announced in the the next issue.

Janine Meersman answered June's Confined Space definition question correctly.

Injury data is from January 1 through August 31, 2018.
The Notre Dame Wellness Center, in partnership with Risk Management and Safety, has implemented a new Appointment Authorization form that must accompany a patient to occupational health appointments including DOT, TB Surveillance, ND Business Travel, Vaccinations and Respiratory Surveillance. This form is NOT required for treatment of injuries. The form can be found on the RMS website and must be filled out and signed by the PI/Supervisor then brought by the employee to their appointment. If you have questions, please contact the Notre Dame Wellness Center Occupational Health Team at 631-2371 or Erin Hafner at 631-5037.
Flashpoint Risk Management & Safety
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