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We hope you'll enjoy this monthly update on all things Upstream Arts. We only include highlights here, so be sure to keep tabs on our website to learn more about our arts programming for people with disabilities at every stage of life, plus public events and opportunities.
The Art of Me: June 27-28
In light of recent legislative changes, the disability community is experiencing major transition. In response, we've partnered with three prominent adult disability service providers to explore the unanswered questions of how our world can be more inclusive, and how we're all responsible for finding those answers. What does inclusion look like for the nearly 20% of Americans living with a disability? In truth, probably a bit different for each person. Come enjoy an evening of all-new performances by artists with disabilities at St. Catherine University's Frey Theater! Details coming soon on our website.
Above: A recent iteration of The Art of Me, created with Highland Friendship Club at Park Square Theatre. Photo: Doug Knutson.
RFP: Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf
The Minnesota State Arts Board is seeking an artist or artist-led team with a connection to Deaf culture to create permanent, site-specific artwork for a new dormitory at the MN State Academy for the Deaf! Click here to learn more.

Join the Conversation 
Each month in this corner, we share resources related to our ongoing campaign to generate artistic reflection and public conversation about stigma associated with disability.
This month, we're listening to "Two Wheelchairs and a Baby," a terrific episode of the podcast Death, Sex & Money featuring Nikki Villavicencio and Darrell Paulsen, two disability rights advocates here in the Twin Cities. This episode unpacks some of the stigma as well as profound and delightful moments they've navigated as parents with disabilities.
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Dear Friend,
Enormous thanks to everyone who came out for The Art of We: Are Family last week! What an incredible celebration - we loved spending the evening with you. 
In this issue of The Current, you'll find
  • A recap (with photos!) of the big event 
  • A beautiful tribute video for our Teaching Artists 
  • Gratitude and an update on our 6/30 fundraising goal
  • A "Save the Date" for The Art of Me in June
  • A new RFP from the MN State Arts Board for artists with connections to Deaf culture
  • An excellent podcast about parents with disabilities
With abundant thanks for all that you do!
Julie, Matt, Bree, and everyone at Upstream Arts
Upstream Arts Teaching Artists dancing on stage at The Art of We: Are Family
Upstream Arts Teaching Artists dancing at The Art of We: Are Family (photo by Min Enterprises Photography, LLC)
The Art of We: Are Family - Recap and Gratitude!
On Thursday, May 18, the Upstream Arts community gathered for The Art of We: Are Family, our 4th Annual Community Celebration and Fundraiser at the American Swedish Institute! It was a beautiful night, full of pop-up performances, collaborative art-making, and testimonials from members of our community - not to mention some seriously generous giving. As a community, you contributed over $42,000 in support of high-quality arts learning experiences for people with disabilities! On our blog, we've posted a recap of the night, with gorgeous photos by premiere sponsor Min Enterprises Photography LLC. Click here to check it out.
Teaching Artist Thank You Video
A Tribute to our Artists 
At The Art of We: Are Family last week, we surprised our Teaching Artists with a short video tribute, created by Kara Hakanson, Danielle Keuler, Blythe Pennock, and Uka Ung - students in the HECUA "Making Media, Making Change" program - in collaboration with our staff and participants at Green Central Park Elementary School, Edison High School, and Opportunity Partners. We're delighted to share that the video is now up on YouTube for all the world to enjoy! Click here to check it out.
Thank You artwork created by Upstream Arts participants
Thank You exhibition at The Art of We: Are Family (photo by Min Enterprises Photography LLC)
Gratitude & The Work Ahead
THANK YOU to our remarkable community for recent gifts!
We are now over 84% of the way to our big goal of raising $100,000 in individual gifts by June 30. We only need to raise another $15,000 in the next six weeks to get there - and we know it's possible, because you made it happen last year! If you weren't able to attend The Art of We: Are Family, can you make a tax-deductible donation of $1000, $500, $100, or any amount right now to close this gap? Simply click here to give online; call (612) 331-4584 to donate by phone; or mail a check to Upstream Arts, 3501 Chicago Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55407.
Together, we are moving upstream. Thanks for all that you do!
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Art of We: Are Family 2017 photos by Min Enterprises Photography LLC
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