Criminals Have More Rights And More Protections Than Parents
Criminals Have More Rights And More Protections Than Parents
Criminals have more rights and more protections than parents. Tori has experienced this first hand. Tori News Story "It is possible the state of Tennessee can take your child away from you and put him or her in foster care without a single allegation of abuse or neglect against you." - Fox News WZTV Tori's Family News Story “I was interrogated for two three hours with no videotape. No attorney present. I was a little intimidated, but at that time, I still didn't think I had done anything wrong.” - Tori - Fox News WZTV “And there was no way I was going to give strangers custody of my children even for a day or two.” - Tori - Fox News WZTV Tori's Sons News Story "Finally, police and DCS arrived at the home ... with a new court order signed by Judge Guffey giving DCS custody of the kids." - Fox News WZTV Both of her boys went into foster care that night. "DCS attorney told the judge that if they were to cointinue with me as the foster kinship parent and not put them in a foster home ... they would lose money ... Judge Guffee agreed with this attorney ... " - Tori's Father - Williamson County Board of Commissioners Meeting DCS would eventually dismiss the case and return Tori's children to her care. However, this was after more than 2 months of being in the state's custody. Hear The Story ›
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