The Harrisburg YMCA Race Series is presented by
Donegal Insurance Group
Race Date: Wednesday, July 21, 2021
Start Time:
 5:00-8:30 PM

  • Starting line: Front Street and Maclay Street, Downtown Harrisburg
  • Finish Line: Front Street and Boas Street, Downtown Harrisburg
Hello, 2021 First National Bank Harrisburg Mile participants! We are excited to bring you the 40th Annual Harrisburg Mile back to its traditional location in Downtown Harrisburg.
Please take a few minutes and read through this email. Additional updates will be sent as necessary as we lead up to race day. This is a rain or shine event!

Our race staff is out of the office for the vast majority of the time between now and race day. We will not be able to return voice messages in a timely manner, so please communicate with us via email only
If you need any assistance or have any questions after reading this email, please email Tom at tom.gifford@ymcaharrisburg.org 
Race Day on Wednesday, July 21st. We will not be able to be reached by phone on race day and emails will likely not be returned in timely manner. If you need any assistance, we are glad to help! Just please reach out by email prior to race day. 


While online registration closed on July 12th at midnight, participants can still register in person or with a paper registration form at our packet pick-up times below. When you pick up your packet, double check and make sure you received the correct bib with your information on it.
Thursday, July 15th
  • Strawberry Square atrium: 11:00 AM-1:30 PM
  • West Shore YMCA: 4:30-6:30 PM
Friday, July 16th
  • Strawberry Square atrium: 11:00 AM-1:30 PM
  • West Shore YMCA: 4:30-6:30 PM
Monday, July 19th
  • Strawberry Square atrium: 11:00 AM-1:30 PM
  • West Shore YMCA: 4:30-6:30 PM
Tuesday, July 20th
  • Strawberry Square atrium: 11:00 AM-1:30 PM
  • West Shore YMCA: 4:30-6:30 PM
Wednesday, July 21st (Race Day)
  • East Shore YMCA (just inside the North St entrance): 3:30-6:00 PM
If you know someone who wants to register for the event, please send them to the Harrisburg Mile homepage and have them reference the information at the top of this page


The Harrisburg Mile follows a one-mile USA track and field certified course along Front Street.
The starting line is at Front & Maclay Streets and the finish line is at Front & Boas Streets.
The Half Pint/Half Mile will start just south of Hamilton Street.
  • When a course is United State Track and Field (USATF) Certified, it means that the course distance has been measured according to standards and procedures that make the distance exact. 
Heat/Event Schedule:
  • 3:30-6:00 PM: Registration and last-minute packet pick-up at the East Shore YMCA
  • 5:00-6:00 PM: Open Time/Fun Run/Walk/Half Pint
  • 6:20 PM: (Heat) 15 and under
  • 6:30 PM: (Heat) 16-19
  • 6:40 PM: (Heat) 20-29
  • 6:50 PM: WINK 104 Corporate Challenge Heat #1
  • 7:00 PM: WINK 104 Corporate Challenge Heat #2
  • 7:10 PM: (Heat) 30-39
  • 7:20 PM: (Heat) 40-49
  • 7:30 PM: (Heat) 50 and over
  • 7:30 PM: Awards for 30-39 and under, Corporate Challenge
  • 7:40 PM: Elite Heat
  • 8:00 PM (approximately): Awards for 40-49, 50-59, and Elite
Open Time:
  • There will be an Open Time from 5:00-6:00 PM where anyone who is registered can show up and run outside of their age group or Corporate Challenge heat.
  • We will utilize a rolling start format for the Open Time and the Age Group/Corporate Challenge heats. This means that as soon as you get to the starting line, you start running!
  • There will be no gathering of all participants that go off at the same time.
  • This is ideal for anyone who wants to participate and who does not want to start in a group. 
  • Anyone who runs in the Open Time will not be eligible for an age group award or a Corporate Challenge award. 
Age Group and Corporate Challenge Heats
  • All age group and Corporate Challenge heats will be group starts. This means that everyone will gather at the starting line and will go off at the same time. 
  • If you do not feel comfortable with a group start, please consider participating in the Open Time between 5-6pm. 


The Corporate Challenge consists of teams of 3-5 participants.
There are two heats taking place at 6:50 PM and 7:00 PM. To be eligible for Corporate Challenge awards, teams of 5 must run in one of the two Corporate Challenge heats.
Any team with less than 5 members will not be eligible for awards, but are still welcome to participate!
Please be aware what time your heat goes off and run at that time.
Awards are seeded by cumulative time, which adds up the time for all five team members. 
If you are a corporate challenge team that is competing for a top five award, please line up close to the starting line at the beginning of your heat. This way you are not having to pass people and the top teams can compete directly against each other!
Corporate Challenge heat times are listed on your race bib.
If you need to add a team member:
  • Use this form: Corporate Challenge Addition Form (PDF)
  • Please bring this form to packet pickup prior to race day. If you are adding a new team member, we will need to get them a race bib and shirt, which can only be done at packet pickup. 
If you need to substitute a team member:
  • Use this form: Corporate Challenge Substitution Form (PDF)
  • It is fine to email this form prior to Wednesday, July 21st (race day)
  • When a new participant is substititing for a pre-registered participant, they will use the bib of the pre-registered participant. We will simply reclassify the bib number in the timing system. That way, the bib number will show up in the results and reflect the new participant. 
  • The waiver will need to be signed by the new participant, which is on the form. 
  • If the new participant wants a shirt, they will have to come visit packet pickup. 


Time results will be recorded by FalconRaceTiming.com. All participants must cross both the starting mat as well as the finish mat to record an official time. If you do not cross the starting line mat, you will not receive a time for your heat or the overall race. Please make sure you are ready and lined up behind the starting mat prior to the start of your heat. Pin your bib number on the front of your shirt so that is clearly visible to the officials. Do not fold or wrinkle your bib prior to competing in your heat.
Start Line:
  • It is your responsibility to get to the start at Maclay Street with your bib/timing chip.
  • See the above schedule for your heat time. Your heat time is also listed on your race bib.
  • You must cross the starting line mats in order to record your time accurately.
  • Bathroom facilities and water will provided at the start, middle, and finish areas.
  • A display clock will be located at the 1/2 mile split on the course.
Please note: If you run with a child in the Half Pint or Fun Mile with your race bib, this will trigger the timing chip and will not register a time during your age-group heat.
Your timing chip is disposable and does not need to be returned. Fun Run and Half Pint participants will not have a timing chip attached to the back of their race bib.


Complete results will be posted as soon as possible. You can check results using the link below:
We also will post finish line photos and results to our Facebook Page.
Photos will be free to download courtesy of our photo sponsor, Premier Eye Care Group!


  • Awards will be given to the top three finishers in each age category. Awards are presented at a free post-race celebration by the DJ table at Riverfront Park near the finish line.
  • All awards will be scored by gun time (order of finish). If you plan on competing for an age group award, it is highly recommended you line up as close to the starting line as possible.
  • Any participant that runs outside of their age group heat will not qualify for an age group award (for example, choosing to run during Open Time or in an age group heat other than the one assigned on the race bib).
  • Award categories are not the same as heat categories (see below).
  • The awards ceremony will be:
    • Ages 39 and under and the Corporate Challenge at approximately 7:30 PM  
    • Ages 40+ and the Elite Mile at approximately 8:00 PM
  • Awards will be at the north end of the Beer Garden area.
  • Beer Garden: Race participants will receive a wrist band, which can be worn in the beer garden area. Only those 21+ will be served. ID must be presented by request or you will not be served, so be sure to remember to bring your ID!
Award Categories:
Awards will be presented to the male and female (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place) for each category.
  • 10 and under
  • 11-15
  • 16-19
  • 20-24
  • 25-29
  • 30-34
  • 35-39
  • 40-44
  • 45-49
  • 50-54
  • 55-59
  • 60-64
  • 65-69
  • 70+
  • Elite 39 and under
  • Elite 40+
Corporate Challenge: 1st through 5th place
Kids Corner:
We hope you can bring your kiddos to the Kids Corner, sponsored by Karns Quality Foods! Please come join us for crafts and other fun games located at Riverfront Park near the finish line. The Kids Corner will be available beginning at approximately 5:30 PM.


Harrisburg Mile t-shirts will be given to every participant! Race shirts are proudly sponspored by OSS Health. Please note: Due to quantity, race shirts are not guaranteed for in-person registrations.


Can someone register in person?
  • Yes, registration will be available during all packet pick-up times.
  • Please see the information at the top of this page for more information: http://ymcarun.com/info-mile2021/
What about parking?
Parking for the Harrisburg Mile is similar to other large events in Harrisburg such as Artsfest and Kipona. There is not one centralized location where everyone parks. Options commonly used are parking at City Island, parking garages, and along city streets. 
Parking is available on the streets surrounding the YMCA as well as between the start and finish line areas (throughout the course between Maclay & Forster Streets). Parking is also available on City Island as well as various garages around Harrisburg. Please be aware that these parking locations other than City Island may have a charge.
Front Street will be closed at Division Street this year. The road will close between starting at 4:30PM. Please plan your arrival accordingly.
What is the procedure for cancellation or postponement?
The Harrisburg Mile is a rain or shine event, so come prepared! If, for some outside chance, there happens to be a natural disaster or severe weather issue, participants will be notified the following ways:
  • Participants can check the homepage of our website. All information concerning the race will be updated throughout the day.
  • Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for up-to-date information on race day, as well as information leading up to the event.
Can I just run for fun?
That's what the Just For Fun Mile/Walk is all about! The Harrisburg Mile brings together an eclectic mix of participants, ranging from competitive runners to families and active seniors. This heat will not be timed.
What is the Elite and Master's Elite event?
The Elite Mile is the most competitive heat of the Harrisburg Mile. The qualifying time for ages 39 and under is 4:40 for men and 5:30 for women. The qualifying time for Elite runners 40 years of age and older is 5:00 for men and 6:00 for women.
How will the timing chips be distributed?
For timed heats, the bib race numbers will already have the timing chip attached to them and will be in your packet when you pick it up. Packet pick-up location information is listed above. If you do not wear your bib race number for your heat, your time will not be recorded.
How are the chips attached?
You must attach your bib race number to the front of your shirt or shorts in a visible location. Please do not fold the number because it may damage the transponder. The chip is already attached to your race bib, you just have to make sure you wear it.
What if I'm running more than one heat?
Each bib and chip will be assigned to individual heats. For example, if you were to run in the Corporate Challenge heat at 6:50 PM and then again in the 50 and over heat at 7:30 PM, you will need two different bibs and chips. Once you cross the finish line for the Corporate Challenge heat, your official time has been recorded for that bib number. You must then switch to the second bib for your second heat.
How does the chip timing work?
Special electronic mats will be placed at both the start and finish lines. As each participant crosses the starting line mats, their individual time is recorded. Then, their time is also recorded as they cross the finish line. The finish line computer system then subtracts the starting time from the finish time and creates a new "net time" or "chip time." The chip timing method compensates for any lost time that runners in the back of the starting pack experienced at the starting line.
What if my Corporate Challenge team has less than 5 members?
Corporate Challenge teams can have less than 5 members, but they will not be eligible for awards. Only full teams of 5 will be eligible for awards. The winning team will have the best combined time for all 5 members. Corporate Challenge teams must have five (5) participants to qualify for awards. Teams with fewer than 5 members will not be eligible for awards and will be scored as an incomplete team based on how many participants they have on their team.
I am registered for my age group heat, but can I also do the Fun Run or the Half Pint with my kid(s)?
That is fine, but make sure you do not wear your race bib with the timing chip during the Fun Run or the Half Pint. Timing chips are "one and done," meaning that once they are triggered by crossing a timing mat, they will not record again. If you cross the starting line and/or the finish line during the Half Pint with your bib, then it will not register when you complete your age group heat, so please be aware of this.
My child is registered for the Fun Run/Walk or the Half Pint but I am not signed up, can I still be on the course with them?
We would always rather you be with your child during the Fun Run/Walk or the Half Pint, so that is fine.
Will you give out the basic medals to all the kids at the end of the Fun Run this year?
Can I transfer my race bib to someone else?
Yes, please email Tom at tom.gifford@ymcaharrisburg.org before Wednesday, July 21st for instructions. Online registration is closed and the bibs have been printed, so it will have to be done via email or in-person.


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