A continuation of today's newsletter on refugee resettlement
A continuation of today's newsletter on refugee resettlement
Catholic Family Center
Greetings Friends of Refugee Resettlement,

In a continuation of today’s newsletter… overview of the new Executive Order issued by the White House, CFC refugee arrival projections and a couple of action items for those looking to help refugees already living in Rochester.
National News
As expected, the White House skirted the legal challenges to the initial Executive Order relating to refugees by issuing a revised order that seeks to implement most of the original measures but includes a few changes and additional text meant to make it harder to be challenged in court. Earlier today, I sent you a one-pager summary of the new executive order, but in brief, the order halts refugee admissions for a 120 period starting March 16th and reduces the national refugee admissions ceiling to just 50,000 for federal fiscal year 2017. For a relatively straightforward overview and analysis of the new executive order, the independent fact checking organization , PolitiFact offers this analysis
Refugee Arrivals
According to the Executive Order, the 120 day refugee suspension begins March 16th, however, according to our national offices they are able to continue booking refugees on flights through March 30th. We at CFC do not have any current refugee cases booked for arrival but we may be able to receive a few more case families before the end of the month. After March 30th, we are projecting to receive zero refugees and only a handful of SIV arrivals and some Cuban entrants in our resettlement program until mid-July. These arrivals will likely total less than 10 persons per months through the 120 day refugee suspension period.
For the 2017 federal fiscal year, our refugee resettlement numbers (including SIV cases but excluding Cuban entrants) look something like this:
Actual refugee arrivals Oct 1, 2016 through Mar. 15, 2017…..….. ………421
Projected refugee arrivals Mar 16, 2017 through July 16, 2017……………35
Projected refugees July 17, 2017 through September 30, 2017…………….60
Projected refugees Oct. 1, 2017 through Dec. 31, 2017……………………108
Our Rochester community continues to show great support to refugees – THANK YOU!
Please continue your efforts! It is more important than ever given the imminent suspension of the refugee program nationally and local threats like those toward the Jewish Community Center, that we raise our voices in all environments – home, the workplace and in our neighborhood to say clearly that fear-mongering, xenophobia and anti-Semitism are perversions of our American values and won’t be tolerated.   
Action Items
Saint’s Place has been CFC’s most important partner in outfitting refugee homes with clothes, furniture and household items for the last 20 years. For those unfamiliar with their work check out their website here. During the refugee arrival suspension they are looking to provide additional clothing to refugees already living in Rochester. Refugees themselves can call to set up an appointment to get clothing and anyone who would be interested in volunteering to help connect refugees to the clothing closet by providing transportation is urged to contact Michele Quinn at Saint’s Place by phone at 585-385-6860 or by email at  michele@saintsplace.org.
OACES is a key partner in providing education, vocational training and English classes to refugees. OACES is the Office for Adult Career & Education Services operated by the City School District. Each year OACES battles to maintain New York State funding for adult education and training programs, many of which are targeted toward the refugee population. If you want to express support for these programs, consider contacting your NY State legislator to urge them to provide additional support to OACES.  
As always, thanks you for your continued support!
In gratitude,
Jim Morris
Vice President, Family Services
Catholic Family Center
A regional agency of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Rochester
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