Waterfalls can be dangerous. Be Waterfall Wise.
With over 250 waterfalls in Transylvania County, it’s easy to understand why we’re known as
North Carolina’s Land of Waterfalls. What may be harder to comprehend is how these
beautiful, iconic cascades can pose hidden dangers to unwary visitors. Unlike amusement park
rides, waterfalls were not designed for your safety. They are best seen from a distance and at
their base. Most incidents involving waterfall injuries or deaths are from behaviors and actions
that could have been prevented. That’s why the Transylvania County Tourism Development
Authority (TCTDA) has been raising awareness about these dangers since 2017 through its
sustainability committee, Transylvania Always. Working with key partners including forest
managers and supervisors at Pisgah National Forest, Gorges State Park, DuPont State
Recreational Forest, Transylvania County EMS, Local Fire and Rescue workers/volunteers,
Local Law Enforcement, and Mission Health, Transylvania Always created the "Be Waterfall Wise" initiative.

Since the launch of this safety campaign, the Transylvania County Tourism Development
Authority’s Transylvania Always Committee developed a multi-pronged communications
approach that has helped educate the public about the dangers of our beautiful waterfalls.
Public service announcement videos have been produced and shared online to educate about waterfall safety. A wide variety of digital, social media, print and newspaper advertising has also been created to target key audiences. Posters and cards containing important easy-to-follow safety tips have been widely distributed across the county. In addition, public land managers have also increased signage and focused on visitor education about waterfall safety.

“I’m a really big fan of the ‘Be Waterfall Wise’ program,” says Kevin Bischof, Superintendent of
Gorges State Park. “It’s been great to see so many groups collectively get behind that initiative.
I really admire that the tourism industry is trying to raise awareness about the importance of
staying safe around waterfalls.”

So, when visiting our beautiful waterfalls, remember they are dangerous. Take personal responsibility and don't take unnessisary risk. Put safety before selfies and follow the reccomended waterfall safety tips. If you do this, you will have a great time with awesome memories to share with all your friends and family. That’s why we want to share with you our seven important tips to “Be Waterfall Wise.” They will help you take personal responsibility and avoid unnecessary risks. If you do this, you will have a great time with awesome memories to share with all your friends and family.
You’ll also find helpful information, including a short educational video on our ExploreBrevard.com Be Waterfall Wise page. The "Be Waterfall Wise" is an initiative of the Transylvania County Tourism Development Authority and our sustainability program, Transylvania Always. Learn more about the work of Transylvania Always here. 

We also invite you to find out more about another important Transylvania Always initiative, “Leave It Better.” Inspired by the principles introduced by the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, “Leave It Better” promotes six key principles that can help you be a responsible forest visitor. Learn more about “Leave It Better” and our very own forest steward – Trashsquatch – here.

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