Miami Newsletter
Miami Newsletter
December 2016:  Volume 1, Issue 5


This is the 5th issue of the monthly-ish update from Miami's Office of Off-Campus Outreach and Communication to Property Managers, Landlords, and others who have a stake in the student rental business in Oxford. 
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  • Free Light Timers and Door/Window Alarms for students
  • Off-Campus Listing Service
  • Housing Fair Save the Date & Protocol Change
  • Survey Results
The Office of Off-Campus Outreach, in partnership with the Office of Student Wellness and the Office of Community Engagement and Servcice, is please to continue oferring door / window alarms and light timers, free of charge, to off-campus students (limit one per house or unit). Student must pick up the items in person from one of three locations, detailed at the Off-Campus Outreach Break Safety page.  
Feel free to let your students know about this resource. 

We continue to work on the launch of the Off-Campus Listing Service for a tentative launch date of January 20, 2017. Thanks in advance to those properties who have already signed a contract with Off Campus Partners, LLC! 
The link above is currently live, but is VERY much a work in progress, with lots of bugs to work out. 
HOUSING FAIR CHANGES (and Save the Date)
We are moving to a model wherein the Housing Fair will be folded into the package offered by the new listing service. Property managers will have to be members of the listing service in order to participate in the Off- Campus Housing Fairs
For this February fair only, we will plan to allow non-members to participate at a rate of $150/per table (for those who want to attend the fair but haven't signed up with the service yet). 
Why the change? 
We are committed to providing students with as much education and information about their options as possible, and the listing service is a major part of that education plan. Bundling the housing fair with the listing service will, we think, contribute to the success of the program.


In May 2016, we surveyed off-campus juniors about their experiences living off-campus. We will continue to share pieces of data that we learned over the next several newsletters.
Overview: 391 respondents (16.08% response rate)


Safety Measures


Past issues of this newsletter can be found at Off-Campus Outreach's Property Manager Webpage
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