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The Credit Woman | Building Financial Independence
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Right on the heels of Credit Education Month is Financial Literacy Month. The two go hand in hand, of course. Interestingly, my credit and C.A.F.E. testimonials deal with this topic:. Again, it is all about education. I always wanted to be a teacher. :)
Calling All Female Entrepreneurs Graduates
We welcome into our alumni Cohort 3!
C.A.F.E. Cohorts at the  Vision Board workshop. with  Tara Colquitt Dai Ladyrockafella Meeks (Cohort 4 Attendee),  Tanzania Jenkins (Cohort 3 Graduate), Wanece Downing (Cohort 2 Graduate),  Sherica Douglas (Cohort 3 Graduate),  Nicole Azizah Newman
Cohort 3 Graduates not in attendance:  Tara Perkins Indira Lawson Surera Ward
Testimonial from Tara Perkins (caterer) of An Intimate Affair With Tara Michelle:
"My first night there I was mesmerized by Nicole Newman's energy. And really encouraged  by Tara's genuine concern and support.  I have to admit, I was scared.  But by a leap of faith I took a chance. And I am proud to say, thru a lot of hard work my side hustle has turned into a legitimate business. Through this class I learned  to be an expert at what I do and believe it.  I have grown  in areas of business and marketing that I never knew I was capable of doing. I incorporated as an LLC, obtained a business license, opened a business bank account and in several ways learned to market the business. Through marketing on social media, I now have a contract with PGW to do a monthly event. So finally I say to C.A.F.E a million times over thank you! "
Calling All Female Entrepreneurs Cohort 4

The fourth series of workshops begins Monday, April 14th! These classes are for serious business women looking to begin or grow their business. Successful graduates continue to grow and succeed with the knowledge garnered in class and continuous education, networking and self improvement. Please contact me directly at 215-350-2483 to discuss if C.A.F.E. is the right fit for you.


SAVE THE DATE: Sunday, September 28, 2014
We are all about marketing so YES, we only have six more months to talk about your business to all of our contacts! LOL
Calling all Business Owners! Networking is essential to your business and this is a great opportunity to network AND market your business. Your ad includes one ticket to the event. Check out the details and contact me with any questions.
March 2014: 
On December 30, 2013 I found myself in a desperate financial situation. I had no clue what to do but pray. I remember that morning asking God specifically to help me out of this financial crisis I had been in for the last 5yrs.  I was really struggling to take care of me and my family.  I asked God to send me a financial advisor that would teach me how to budget my money and possibly help fix my credit.  My prayer was God please let it be a person of integrity, someone with my best interest at heart.  My desire was to one day start a catering company and buy a home for me and my boys. After praying I went on Facebook to look for a contact for a project I was working on and I saw an invite for THE CREDIT WOMAN's fan page.  I thought it was someone I already knew, turned out that it wasn't.  However,  it was my answer to my prayer that quickly. I met Tara Colquitt "The Credit Woman". Tara could not help me through financial counciling, but what she offered was so much greater.  It was a life changing experience.  The Credit Woman offered me a chance to join C.A.F.E.  "Calling All Female Entrepreneurs"
Please share and subscribe to my YouTube channel which includes my first TV interview, a radio interview for couples and much more. I will be adding more videos in upcoming weeks to educate and inform you on credit issues.
Northwest PWBN Meetings
Our next meeting will be held on Friday, April 18 at The Personal Chef. Join us for great networking and a delicious breakfast buffet. For more information on the Professional Women's Business Network click here.
What's The Credit Woman Doing Now?
Private Workshops (call me to schedule one for your real estate office or group).

Ask me about Lease Purchase to purchase a home and financing your business before you need the money.

Check out my  Calendar of Events and where I will be speaking and/or networking this month.
To pre-qualify for counseling, click here. If you have further questions, please email me directly at
And to end Credit Education Month with a bang!
From a  The Credit Woman, LLC's FB fan (NOT a client):

"I was going to text you tomorrow to give you an update. But since we talked, my credit score has increased by 21pts. I'm at a 580. I still have a wholeeeeeeeeeee lotta work to do, but thanks for steering me in the right direction." 

For those that follow and do the work (client or TCW fan), it works! 
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