Houston Audubon's Big Year
Houston Audubon's Big Year
Participate in an important citizen science effort by joining a count this season. Our website contains a list of counts for the entire state of Texas.
Make an impact toward protecting birds and reversing the loss of species by contributing on Giving Tuesday and through the end of the year. Read what Houston Audubon is doing and how you can help.
The 2020 patch features a Pine Warbler. You can order online.
Nov 29 is the last day to submit an application.
Include our partners in your holiday shopping. We get a donation from all sales.
Reservations for this popular venue open on Dec 6 for members. Non-members may sign up starting Jan 6.
Focusing on the people and places of Houston Audubon.
  • High Island Projects Underway
  • November Bird Surveys at Kickerillo-Mischer & Fiorenza
  • Senior Bus Trip to Bolivar
  • North Jetty Cleanup
  • Digital Class Reaches Virginia
  • Should Grackles Be Houston's Official City Bird?
  • Light Pollution Presentation Video
  • New Oklahoma CBC Listings Available
  • November Volunteer E-News
  • Edith Moore Feeders by Wild Birds Unlimited
  • Beak of the Week Profiles: Piping Plover, Winter Wren, Hooded Merganser, Savannah Sparrow, Inca Dove
  • Fun Facts about Wild Turkeys, Preening & Bird Eyelids
Crafts for kids, hot chocolate and cider, yummy holiday treats, holiday movie on the lawn, shopping in the nature store, special guests, raffles and much more!
We have a lot of work to do at several locations.
High Island: Dec 14
Raptor Center: Dec 21
Edith Moore: Dec 21
Wintering Waterfowl: Dec 10 & 14
We will learn techniques for separating the 24 species of ducks, the different species of geese, and the mergansers.
Tis the season to look for owls at our sanctuaries.
Join us as we start 2020 off with activities including a walk in the woods and a scavenger hunt, as well as hot beverages, cookies, craft and more in the cabin.
Check the website for the most up-to-date information.
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