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February marks 3 celebrations: My first grandchild turns 1 year old, my youngest child will no longer be a teenager and my mother transitioned after a lengthy illness. Yes, I said celebrations because if I believe what I say (and I do), everyone is exactly where they are supposed to be. Dorian is 'walking', Camilla is a beautiful young woman (amazing daughter, wife, mother and young entrepreneur) and my beautiful mother is with her lovely mother and all the other ancestors. Yes, there are tears (as there should be), but with God's Grace I am a peace. :)
When you see my tears, please embrace me, smile and say "She was the best mom you could ever have. You were truly blessed." Amen
And these two updates have NOTHING to do about credit. But everything to do about The Credit Woman. :)
At the date of this publication, we are in Week 6 ($21). Since I am doing this with my daughter and son-in-law our balance is $63. I post every Thursday on my Facebook fan page. Come visit on Thursdays and let me know how you are doing. It is relatively easy to catch up if you haven't begun yet. :) 
FREEBIE! What's the catch? Try Xtreme Green's Fuel Max Plus+ to reduce the cost of your gasoline. Although gas prices have gone way down, it is still an expense. Use the savings to add to the 52 Week Money Challenge.
For the cost of $30 you should save double that amount AND receive a $50 budget analysis for FREE.  Email me at or call 215-350-2483.
Saturday, March 28th
This Financial Conference is for women who want to master their financial power and elevate their financial growth. Yours truly will be a featured speaker. Register Now; Seating is Limited.
1st Annual Alternative Financing Expo - April 7, 2015
I know all about business owners not being able to get credit to fund their business needs! However, there are other viable solutions out there. Please join Newman Networks as we present the 1st Annual Alternative Financing Expo to educate business owners on their options.
Location: Impact Hub Philadelphia located at 1227 North 4th Street. Tickets: $20 (includes continental breakfast) or place a full page B/W ad printed by Minuteman Press of South Philadelphia.
January 2015:
"All I can say is, Tara Colquitt knows her stuff!! She has both educated and empowered me with regards to my credit and as a result, I am well on my way to buying my first home, the home where I'll raise my twin girls. Thank you Tara!!"

"And I could easily have written more, but you said keep it short. lol"
Lisa C., 2016 home owner

To pre-qualify for counseling, click here. If you have further questions, please email me directly at
I am also available for workshops and conferences.
Please share and subscribe to my YouTube channel which includes my first TV interview, a radio interview for couples and much more. I will be adding more videos in upcoming weeks to educate and inform you on credit issues.
Cohort 8
Begins Thursday, April 9th! This is the WHY you should attend and you can register here. Join our FB group and read the CAFE Newsletter to keep in touch with CAFE members' events and successes. If you would like to be added to the newsletter, please email me at
You don't go to CAFE,
you GROW through CAFE!
Employment Opportuities
Educators on Call is looking for substitute teachers (BS degree in any subject required to teach in Charter Schools). Please click on the link for more information. EOC is actively recruiting.
My favorite month (it's not just for collegiate basketball)! If you haven't already in the last year, please pull your credit reports from It's FREE. Look at them. Develop a plan to improve them. If you need assistance, that is what I am here for.  Remember: I educate.
"Learn to manage your credit, money and debt to create opportunities in real estate, business growth, job creation/retention and overall financial health."
7308 Mountain Drive
Elkins Park, PA 19023
215-350-2483 cell
267-535-2907 fax

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