Jonna Mendez on 19 February - last chance to grab your spot.
Jonna Mendez on 19 February - last chance to grab your spot.
Dear Friend ~ If you have not yet registered for our Winter 2020 Cryptologic Program on 19 February featuring Ms. Jonna Mendez, we invite you to learn more about the program and register online before the 13 February deadline. See more details below.
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Winter Cryptologic Program
19 February 2020
Featuring Ms.
Jonna Mendez
CIA Officer (Ret), Author, & Disguise Expert

CIA's Former Chief of Disguise Tells All 

Can you change your appearance completely while walking down a crowded street in Moscow?  Can you elude the KGB by pressing a button while rounding a corner?  Can you fool the president while briefing him in the Oval Office? CIA Officer (Ret) and Author/Disguise Expert Jonna Mendez, tells all in her presentation to the NCMF on Wednesday, 19 February 2020 in Annapolis Junction, MD. The presentation will focus on secret tactics employed against the KGB during the Cold War when the couple created James Bond-style gadgets and ingenious disguises that enabled CIA agents to outmaneuver the KGB. Tickets are $25 and include lunch - registration ends 13 February.
Jonna Hiestand Mendez is a retired CIA intelligence officer with 27 years of service during which she served tours of duty in Europe, South Asia, and the Far East. She joined the CIA’s Office of Technical Service in early 1970 and within a few years was overseas as a Technical Operations Officer with a specialty in clandestine photography. Her duties included training the CIA’s most highly placed foreign assets in the use of spy cameras and processing the intelligence they gathered.
Retiring in 1993, she had risen to the position of Chief of Disguise earning the CIA’s Intelligence Commendation Medal. Since that time she has continued her career as a fine art photographer, a consultant/lecturer and an author. With her husband, Tony Mendez, whose CIA career was the inspiration for the movie Argo, Ms. Mendez coauthored the acclaimed books Spy Dust and The Moscow Rules
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19 Feb Program Flyer
Hall of Honor

Reminder: Deadline to submit nominations for the 2020 Cryptologic Hall of Honor is
14 February


  • 14 FEB 2020 - Deadline for 2020 Hall of Honor Submissions. MORE.
  • 19 FEB 2020 - NCMF Cryptologic Program with Ms. Jonna Mendez. MORE.
  • 28 FEB 2020 - NCM Lecture Series: The Invisible Cryptologists. Stay Tuned.
  • 28 FEB 2020 - AFIO National's Speakers Luncheon Program. MORE.
  • 5 MAR 2020  - AFCEA MD Luncheon: Speaker Mr. Chris Inglis. MORE.
  • 7 MAR 2020 - K9 Demo to Honor National K9 Veterans Day. Stay Tuned.
  • 14 MAR 2020 - Pi Day at the Museum. Stay Tuned.
  • 19 MAR 2020 - NCM Lecture Series: Queens of Code. MORE.
  • 25 MAR 2020 - NCM Lecture Series: Women in Cryptology. Stay Tuned.
  • 28 MAR 2020 - Girl Scout Day at the NCM. Stay Tuned.
    **** Please visit this link for more military reunion info.
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