Together, we can do this!
Together, we can do this!
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Today's the day!

Looking back through our history in photos, it's heartwarming to rediscover all we've accomplished since our humble beginnings in 1997. One class, one semester, one volunteer, and one donor at a time. Together, we DID make a difference.
Today is Miami's annual day of giving, the #MoveInMiami campaign. At the time of this mailing, ILR was at 18% of our goal. With your help, I'm confident we can reach our goal and bolster our ILR history, ensuring many future years of enriching and joyful memories and photos. 
Be well. Stay safe. Love and Honor.
Judy Macke
ILR Program Manager
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Together, we can make a difference
Can you feel the back-to-school anticipation? For ILR, in a "normal" year, that excitement means connecting with old and new friends, walking the halls of buildings you were in as an undergraduate or professor, hearing the familiar sounds of the carillon bells, and remembering how it felt not so long agolikely both exciting and terrifying—when you first entered your freshman dorm room. Even though move-in day is going to be different for our students this year, we can still have an enduring impact. 

This year has been anything but normal, but we've been hard at work transferring our curriculum online to provide you a unique and exciting experience this fall. As we all cope and adjust to unanticipated challenges in our daily lives, your donation will help to transform ILR for the better and alleviate budget shortfalls during tough times like these.

#MoveInMiami is a campus-wide initiative that helps us honor the Class of 2024 by giving back to what matters most to each of us on campus. We hope ILR tops the list of what matters most to you at Miami. Miami's goal is to reach 2024 gifts today! ILR's goal is to reach 50 gifts by the end of today's campaign. All donations made online or through the mail directly benefit ILR and can be made before, during, and after the campaign. Any amount counts. Remember, it's all about participation. Thank you for making a difference!

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ILR registration opens September 1st

Because your health and safety is our first priority, the entire fall semester—including the catalog—will be online only. Look for the ILR Fall 2020 Course Catalog to be posted in an eNewsletter by the end of August. Not yet on our mailing list? Request a catalog from our website.
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