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August 2017: Volume 2, Issue 1


We hope you have had a nice, long, relaxing and productive summer. Campus is certainly coming alive with Resident Assistants, International Students, and many pre-semester programs happening now, and the full spectrum of students will be here before we know it!
Thanks for taking time to read Miami's Office of Off-Campus Outreach and Communication newsletter to Property Managers, Landlords, and others who have a stake in the student rental business in Oxford. 
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  • Tenant Education Program
  • Walkabout 2017
  • Housing Fair

The Office of Off-Campus Outreach is starting to work on a new program, tentatively called the Tenant Education Program (TEP). 
TEP will be an online workshop about lease signing and off-campus living to provide Miami students with the tools to be good neighbors, responsible community members, and better tenants. The workshop will conclude with a quiz. With the passing of this quiz, students will earn a certificate that demonstrates they have successfully complete the program.
We are hoping to work with Property Managers and Owners on developing content and incentives for students who complete the program. 
Potential Goals:
  • To help students understand the legal commitment of a signed lease and common language, clauses, and terms of leases in Oxford
  • To educate students on their responsibilities as tenants and community member before they move off campus
  • To provide tips and guidance for students for positive communication with property managers and addressing issues 
We are hoping to launch the program in January of 2018. But we need your help! If you are interested in helping to develop content for this project, please contact Jen O'Brien at You will be invited to join a small group of students and staff to provide feedback and ideas on the content.

What is Walkabout? 
Walkabout is an annual program, currently in its 15th year, wherein volunteers visit off-campus students at their rentals at the beginning of fall semester to welcome students back to town and provide information about living smoothly in Oxford neighborhoods. Only places with four or fewer units will be visited. 
Volunteers will have brief conversations about the Oxford community with students they reach, primarily around city ordinances, safety, and community expectations of responsible and respectful behavior. They will also provide chocolate chip cookies to units they reach. 
When is Walkabout?  
The 2017 Walkabout will be held on Sunday, August 27 from 2 pm to 5:30 pm and Monay, August 28 from 4 pm to 6:30 pm. 
What is in this year's Walkabout Packet? 
The 2017 packet is very similar to previous years. It includes: 
  • What is Walkabout Card, Miami University Office of Off-Campus Outreach 
  • The Good Neighbor Policy and Tips for Safer, Smarter Parties, Miami University Office of Student Wellness
  • Butler County Recycle Right, Butler County
  • Parking in Oxford brochure, City of Oxford
  • Oxford chip clip, Enjoy Oxford 
  • Oxford Recycles magnet, Rumpke
  • Emergency Phone Numbers key fob, Dean of Students 
  • 2017 Miami Football Schedule, Miami University Athletics
  • McCullough Hyde cell phone wallet, MHMH
  • Making Your Home in an Oxford Neighborhood flip book, Miami University Office of Off-Campus Outreach 
  • Homecoming / Family Weekend card, Miami University Performing Arts Series 
  • Homecoming - House Decorating Contest, Miami University Student Foundation 
  • Oxford Community Arts Center brochure, Community Arts Center
  • Citizen YOU, Miami University Office of Community Engagement and Service 
  • Meet Your ASG Off-Campus Senators, Miami University Associated Student Government 
  • Get the Facts; Save a Life: I Step Up magnet, Miami University Office of Student Wellness 
  • Coupon for Free Alarm & Timer security devices, Miami University Office of Off-Campus Outreach, Community Engagement and Service, and Student Wellness 
  • Community Picnic Flyer, City of Oxford 
  • Chamber of Commerce coupon, Oxford Chamber of Commerce 
  • Off-Campus Listing Service, Miami University Office of Off-Campus Outreach
Additionally, all bags will be stapled with a notice that every 5th bag includes a coupon for 6 free donuts, as incentive for students to look through the bag. There may be a couple more items added last minute this week.
Digital versions of these materials have been uploaded to a Google Drive folder. Please feel free to take a look, and let us know if you have any questions!

Members of the Off-Campus Housing Service will soon receive email communication about the October Off-Campus Housing Fair. Keep an eye out for that messaging in the next couple of weeks!


Past issues of this newsletter can be found at Off-Campus Outreach's Property Manager Webpage
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