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October 2020 Update
Internal IAM Project
The Internal IAM project includes a re-engineering of Penn’s core IAM infrastructure, replacing decades-old, custom-built identity management systems and processes with a standards-based, modern solution to strengthen Penn’s overall security posture and ability to comply with emerging global regulatory requirements. The new IAM solution will be implemented in phases. Recent progress includes:
  • The team is pleased to announce that contracts have been awarded to SailPoint as the vendor for Penn’s Identity Management solution and to Identity Works as our implementation partner. SailPoint is an industry pioneer and market leader in identity governance, and delivers security, operational efficiency, and compliance to enterprises with complex IT environments. Identity Works has partnered with many of the leading vendors in the IAM marketplace and is a preferred partner of SailPoint, having worked extensively with SailPoint to implement Identity Management solutions in many higher ed institutions.
  • The project team is currently in training with SailPoint and is also preparing for the start of the Design Phase.
  • Identity Works will review the materials the team collected around Penn’s requirements, and additional discovery meetings will be scheduled with our client partners in Q2/Q3 of FY21. We will reach out to our client partners to schedule these meetings once we have finalized the timeline with Identity Works.
Related IAM Work
  • PennPath – PennPath is a login system to support emerging academic and business needs for populations that do not have nor require PennKeys. The PennPath offering is now serving a growing list of programs and businesses and their 6700+ users. To learn more, visit the PennPath website.
  • Two-Step Verification for students (Fall 2020) – Two-Step enrollment for new students was completed on October 13. All students are now required to use Two-Step, with enrollment approaching 100%. To learn more, visit the Two-Step website.
  • Two-Step for O365 – PennO365 works with the University’s multi-factor authentication service, Two-Step Verification, providing an additional level of security to both PennKey and PennO365 credentials. Most PennO365 users are now using Two-Step, with enrollment exceeding 10,000 users. Tools are available for departments that would like to require their users to use Two-Step for O365. These tools allow for self-enrollment by users to be spread out over time. Administrators interested in using the Two-Step for O365 toolkit for their users should contact
  • The IAM Policy Working Group – This group continues its work to establish the University’s first comprehensive set of Identity and Access Management policies, including policy statements, best and acceptable practices, and technical standards documents. This group includes leaders from individual Schools and Centers, University Registrar, Public Safety, Human Resources, Business Services, Alumni Relations, and more. Current work is focused on the practices of security event auditing, identity creation, and identity proofing.
Questions & Feedback
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For the latest developments on the IAM program, please visit the website.
We look forward to sharing more progress with you soon!
The Penn IAM Team
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