Plus, updated ARE 5.0 Guidelines.
Plus, updated ARE 5.0 Guidelines.
ARE Update for PSI Testing
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NCARB’s new score validity policy goes into effect today, basing the validity of passed Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®) divisions on exam versions. This replaces the previous rolling clock policy, which placed a five-year expiration date on passed exam divisions.
How This Impacts You
If you are seeking licensure from a jurisdiction that does not have a rolling clock policy, you will see any previously expired ARE 4.0 divisions reinstated in your Record. Your updated exam progress—including any new ARE 5.0 credits—will be reflected in the Exam overview tab. NCARB is updating thousands of candidate Records, so please know that this change may take 1-2 days to appear in your Exam tab.
If you are seeking licensure from a jurisdiction that has a rolling clock policy, you will not see any change to your NCARB Record at this time. View a list of jurisdictions with a rolling clock requirement.
Updated ARE 5.0 Guidelines
We’ve updated the ARE 5.0 Guidelines to reflect the details of the new score validity policy. View a comprehensive list of changes made to the ARE 5.0 Guidelines.
About the Score Validity Policy
Under the new score validity policy, passing ARE divisional scores will remain valid throughout the delivery of the exam version under which they were taken. They’ll also be used to establish credit toward the immediately following version of the exam (e.g., ARE 6.0). If the jurisdiction where you are seeking licensure has a rolling clock requirement, you will still be subject to their rolling clock.

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