Dear Vanguard Families,

I am writing to share with you news about a Covid-19 related occurrence in The Vanguard School, on VFES Campus.
This week we learned of a cluster of positive cases throughout the HS and VTC programs. This discovery lead to the decision to close several classrooms across the upper school program. If your student was directly impacted, you received communication from the Covid Case Managers or your program leadership or your teacher. If you did not receive any specific communication, your student was not involved and he/she is expected to attend school assuming they are not displaying any symptoms.

We informed affected students and their families that the classrooms were closing in a separate email that went out yesterday, Monday, October 18. Additional communication will go out today to those families impacted by classroom closures in the VTC. If you did not receive a separate email from us, your student was not involved in this outbreak and therefore was/is expected to attend school. I understand that there was confusion about this as only some families received specific communications. This was due to the nature of the message. However, this email is designed to provide a message to ALL Vanguard School Families of what is occurring so that you are informed, even if you do not have a student directly impacted by the decision to close these classrooms. So, as the adage says, no news is good news. If you do not get a more detailed communication about closing, etc. your student was not impacted.

We are hoping to re-open classrooms effective Monday, November 1, however, should that change we will inform the families impacted first and foremost. Then we will inform the larger School community. I appreciate your patience as we work through the several hoops and hurdles to communicate to all stakeholders and to ensure all students and staff are in a safe working/learning environment.

Thank you and please, stay safe and healthy!

Grace A. Fornicola, PhD
Executive Director
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