June 6, 2021

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Free Meals for Kids

New to FutureForward™ May 4 - June 7

Dr. Sarah Herman, Herman Dental

School's Out For Summer

It is officially summer for our students and teachers. Congratulations to all for making it through the school year, and here's to a summer of fun in the sun!

Nick and MaryAnne would both like to thank our schools, teachers, staff, and students for granting us the opportunity to work with each and every one of you. It is always so fun to see and experience the level of commitment and passion you all have for the work you do. As we look forward to next school year, we are filled with excitement that we get to work with you all again and take even bigger strides in the world of career exploration and career-connected learning. 

Throughout this summer, we are working closely with schools' admin teams, industry partners, and community partners to plan out inter-district events, build our industry partnership numbers, explore new and exciting ways to use FutureForward, and introduce new learning platforms for our students. We will have much more information on all of these as the summer progresses and the new school year ramps up. 

Work-Based Learning 101

An online session of Work-based Learning 101 is scheduled for June 14-17, from 10am - 12pm each day.

Are you interested in implementing a work-based learning program at your school? We will be attending these meetings, and would like to help you put programming in place at your school, if interested. 

This four-part series will provide an overview of the requirements for an approved work-based learning program along with discussions around best practices. If you are new to work-based learning, this training is a great place to start! 

You can register for this session HERE

Industry Partners

Our number of industry partners continues to grow, both on our new website and on FutureForward. As a reminder to all parties that are part of the BCC, we are using the new website as a landing page for folks to learn more about the Bluff Country Collaborative, what we do, why we do it, and how they can partner and work toward similar goals. All BCC schools are utilizing FutureForward for career exploration and career-connected learning opportunities, so we are still encouraging our industry partners to create and manage their FutureForward profiles as well.

If you know of a business that would like to be recognized as an industry partner, please refer them to the links below or have them contact Nick or MaryAnne for more information. 

Website can be found at www.bluffcountrycollaborative.org
For businesses that want to be on the site, click here

BCCNavigators on Facebook

Check us out  on Facebook. Send us requests to follow your school and community organizations and events. Career-connected learning takes a village!

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