Use NCARB's free practice exams.
Use NCARB's free practice exams.
ARE Update for PSI Testing
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Hi there,
In case you missed it: We released free practice exams for the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®) in June 2022. And so far, candidates who use the practice exams have seen an average 12 percentage point increase in pass rates, or higher depending on demographic group, across all six divisions compared to those who don't use the practice exams.  
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Making the ARE Accessible
Findings from our joint study with the National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA) show that candidates of color are more likely to spend over $500 on study materials and less likely to pass the exam.
As part of the migration to PSI, NCARB wanted to ensure that all candidates have access to affordable, high-quality study materials. NCARB's release of free practice exams for each division was a key step in making the exam more accessible—and our early data shows that it's having an impact:
  • All candidates who use the practice exams outperform those who don't on all six ARE divisions.
  • Further, Asian, Black or African American, and Hispanic or Latino candidates using the practice exams have seen a larger impact on pass rates compared to white candidates—see the impact by demographic.
You can access the exams through your Record if you're a licensure candidate with an NCARB Record. And if you're anyone else, you can access a PDF version of the practice exams on our website. Learn how to access the practice exams.
We look forward to sharing more information on the practice exams' impact in the future.
Note: NCARB has resolved the case study technical issue. We are following up with impacted candidates individually. For a full update on this issue, visit our website.

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