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Dear Saklan Community,

I want to start by thanking the parents and Board members who came on campus Wednesday to do quite a bit of work, helping us get the campus ready for students. Touchless faucets were installed, screens replaced, and 6 feet markers painted. I understand that it might not seem to make a ton of sense to be continuing to work on preparing campus when we are going online, but we want to be able to go in-person the moment we can. Moreover, many of these pieces need to be in place as the ECE will be opening on the 24th of August. 

I have been working with Lynn Mackey, the Superintendent of Schools for Contra Costa County, regarding bringing students on to campus in small and limited groups. She has agreed that Saklan has taken the appropriate safety measures to allow us to host students for limited activities on campus. This means that we will be inviting grade levels on different afternoons throughout the week for activities that help students stay connected while practicing physical distancing. Each visit will be about an hour and will generally take place outdoors. We will practice all the appropriate health and safety measures; there will be more information next week.I know it is a crumb, but almost feels like a whole cookie.

Speaking on schedules, we have our draft schedules prepared and ready to share. Because we will have the ability to bring students to campus once a week, that will impact the afternoons a little; therefore, these schedules are quite not final. There will be more information regarding distance learning coming soon, but I know many of you are interested in the schedules. A few items to note.
  • The schedules for the youngest feel ambitious, and we may need to build their stamina.
  • The older the student, the more intense the program.
  • Teachers will be accessible throughout the lesson for student questions and feedback.
  • While the schedule might look like a lot of screen time, in reality, there are stretches where students are working on their own but have a teacher there ready to answer questions.
  • We have been intentionally planning more small group instruction with the younger children to help online engagement and learning.
  • The middle school schedule is just one of five days, the timing on the other days is similar. 
K-2 Draft Sample Schedule
3-5 Draft Sample Schedule
MS Draft Sample Schedule 

Lastly, there have been many questions about the possibility of getting an elementary waiver. I was on a call with the county today, and they were quite clear that until testing improves (which will make contact tracing useful), waivers will not be issued. They also emphasized the importance of getting our flu shots to take future stresses off the health system. 

We will continue to monitor developments and adjust as needed. As we get closer to the start of school, you will see an increase in emails. I apologize ahead of time for the amount of information coming your way.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. 

Warm regards, 
Please visit our COVID-19 and FAQ pages for past communications and information.
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