Beaty@Home Live, Online Museum Tours, 'Pandemic Insects' and more!
Beaty@Home Live, Online Museum Tours, 'Pandemic Insects' and more!
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Stay Connected Online!

Though you can’t visit in person, we can still connect virtually. Join us live on Wednesday afternoons. We will be live streaming chats, Q&A sessions, family activities, and more! Find all of our upcoming virtual programming descriptions on our calendar and join live on our Facebook page. We will do our best to record sessions, but we hope you will join live to ask questions!
June 3, 1:00 pm

Meet the Pollinators! Join Tiia Haapalainen from the Spencer Entomological Collection at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum. Tiia will introduce you to some pollination basics, the major insect groups involved with pollination, and how to tell them apart (mimicry abounds!). Join us live on Zoom or Facebook Live! 
June 10, 1:00 pm

Join Jen Baron, Master student with the Tree-Ring Lab in the Department of Forest and Conservation Sciences in a discussion of fire ecology, tree rings, and/or landscape change. Jen is part of LEEF, (Lessons Ecology and Evolution FUNdamentals) a program through Let’s Talk Science UBC that provides hands-on learning in ecology and evolution to local Kindergarten to Grade 12 students through experiential classroom learning activities developed by trained UBC graduate students and postdocs. Join us live on Zoom or Facebook Live!  
June 17, 1:00 pm

Join Linda Jennings, Collections Curator, Vascular Plants & Algae, at the UBC Herbarium to learn more about plants in your backyard. Linda will introduce you to local spring flowering plants and explain what goes into making a scientific plant collection. Learn about the importance of identification, scientific and common names, taking good field notes, writing labels, conservation considerations as well as how to press and preserve specimens for the long term. Join us live on Zoom or Facebook Live
Online Museum Collections Tour (ages 5 and up)
60 minutes | Online Tour| Cost $60 including tax

Join us online to virtually explore the six collections that make up the museum: Tetrapods, Marine Invertebrates, Herbarium, Entomology, Fish, and Fossils. Discover stories about BC species, biodiversity research, and different specimens in the collection and how they relate to each other.

This introductory online tour will teach you about some of the different specimens in the collection, and showcase some of our Museum Interpreters’ favourite specimens and stories. After a virtual tour, you will have time to ask questions.

This booking is 60 minutes long. This includes 15 min tech check with facilitator in advance, plus a 45 minute session - composed of a 30 minute virtual tour followed by 15 minute Q&A with a Museum Interpreter.

Request a booking using our online booking form
Check out our latest museum blog which gathers together all our online offerings, such as lesson plans, activities, online exhibitions, videos, and favourite resources in one place.

The Beaty Museum is working on several initiatives to enhance the online experience for our digital visitors. Please check our Online Exhibits website regularly for updates.

There's no one way to make a flower! In Next Spring, Katrina Vera Wong exhibits hybrid flowers (Frankenflora) made from various approaches.
BioBlitz: ‘Pandemic’ Insects

BioBlitz: Pandemic Insects is a monthly series of posts where you can follow six researchers from the Beaty Biodiversity Museum while they collect insects in and around their homes. These specimens will wind up in the Spencer Entomological Collection with a “pandemic insects” data label, so that future researchers will have access to them for their biodiversity projects. Read the blog posts here!
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Beaty Biodiversity Museum membership means joining and supporting a lively community of people inspired by biodiversity, engaged with the natural world, and dedicated to conservation. 

About the Museum
The Beaty Biodiversity Museum is Vancouver's natural history museum, dedicated to building greater understanding, and a shared sense of community and wonder, around biodiversity.

If you would like to contribute to the museum, we appreciate any donations, purchasing a membership, planning to visit in person when safe to do so, and sharing information about the museum with friends and family.
A Beaty membership means joining and supporting a lively community of people inspired by biodiversity, engaged with the natural world, and dedicated to conservation.

The best way to enjoy everything the museum has to offer is through membership. Benefits include year-round admission to our world-class museum, with over 500 permanent exhibits, rotating art exhibits, tours, activities, crafts, and more. 
Current members will have their memberships extended for the period of time the museum was closed due to Covid-19 restrictions. New members will have their membership activated on the date the museum reopens. 
Thank you for your support of the Beaty Biodiversity Museum!
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