Contagious Classics: Music, Theater, Film
Contagious Classics: Music, Theater, Film
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Contagious Classics: Music, Theater, Film

What makes a classic? Age, longevity, beauty, truth-seeking, artistic expression… What would you add to the definition? Are YOU the definition? 
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Beyond the stage: musical interludes 

Escape the quarantine blues with this collection of videos from local orchestras, Classic FM, Montreux Jazz Festival, Lincoln Center concerts, May Festival, and plenty more. Be still, crank up the volume, and enjoy listening to these remarkable concerts and symphonies from around the world!
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No cheap seats here 

Virtual box seats are yours for exciting theater performances from some of the finest stages around the world. Before the curtain rises, step inside and tour 11 of the most beautiful theaters, concert halls, and opera houses, such as The Bolshoi Theater in Moscow and the Burgtheater in Vienna, and experience the grandeur and drama of these iconic venues. Don't miss the Teatro Bibiena in Mantua where a 13-year-old Mozart performed on the theater's opening night.
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No ticket required

When it comes to films, each genre has its claim to “classic.” Have you seen Alfred Hitchcock's first films?  How about five decades worth from John Wayne? Why not check out Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" (1910)? This was the first time her literary work was brought to the big screen.
From cult films, noir, horror, thrillers, comedy, and drama, to silent films and even Westerns, we present you plenty of pandemic viewing options! Pop extra popcorn. We see binge-watching in your future.

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Miami Presents: Pets, Health, and Well-being
May 28th at 12:00 PM

Can I please, please, PLEASE get a dog? Remember how hard it was to convince your parents that a new puppy would be so good for you? It would teach you responsibility, you said. You would feed it and clean up its, um, doody. Did your parents finally cave in? 

Where was this webinar when you needed it? Allen McConnell is a Distinguished Professor and Chair of the Department of Psychology. His webinar will focus on his research around pets and their effect on health and well-being. 

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Missing out?

If you've let some great LIVE webinars pass you by because you don't know how to connect to WebEx video conferencing, let us help you; it's easier than you think. Follow these simple instructions, and you'll be a WebEx pro before your next coffee refill.
Have you missed a live webinar because it didn't fit your schedule? See all scheduled Alumni webinars as well as recordings of previous ones. 
Love. Honor. Learn.

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Got two minutes?

Recorded by faculty in social isolation, these two-minute talks connect ongoing humanities research to the COVID-19 pandemic. While we adjust to new contexts for teaching, thinking, and writing, Laptop Lectures offer perspective on human experience in exceptional times. 
Käthe Kollwitz and the 1918 Pandemic by Erik Jensen, Associate Professor of History
A New New Deal? by Allan Winkler, Emeritus Professor of History
Ciudad Corona: A Street Art Installation by Jana Braziel, Western College Endowed Professor
The Ancient Origins of Government Disaster Response by Steve Tuck, Professor of Classics
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Catching up with Fred Bartenstein 

In his next blog installment of The Extraordinary Times, Matthew Smith interviews renowned bluegrass author, organizer, and broadcaster Fred Bartenstein of the Southwestern Ohio Bluegrass Music Heritage Project. Fred is co-editing (with Curt Ellison) the forthcoming book of essays Industrial Strength Bluegrass: Southwestern Ohio's Musical Legacy (U of Illinois Press, 2021). Read blog here.

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Mark your calendar and plan to join us this fall, October 5 through November 6!

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