Ask, Believe, Receive
Ask, Believe, Receive
June 15, 2016 - Volume 3 Issue 6
Real Life Spark
...igniting the next generation of YOU!
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Deb's Sparks
I did it!   I kept my eye on the prize and this month's newsletter is being written from my new office in my new home! Yippee!  
Last month at this time, I was cracking under the pressure of everything that needed to get done.  I'm happy to report that I survived:  all the boxes were packed and moved without issue; all of my appointments and responsibilities were managed; everything got done!  Whew!
While I will be unpacking for the next few weeks, every room in my house is functional.  The remaining rubble has been contained to the garage and I have set a goal of having the garage clear by the first frost! LOL! It's all good.  My former house is on the market and life is moving forward.
I don't know how to explain it other than by saying my new house makes me happy.  I walk in and smile.  The first time I walked through the door to check out the floor plan, I loved this house.  It feels good.  It feels right. And I can walk to Starbucks!
I have been welcomed into this community with open arms.  I've made new friends who have already left footprints on my heart.  Lots of people reaching out to help me.  I've been overwhelmed by the support and I'm forever grateful for the help.
My biggest lessons from this move are to ASK for help and to ALLOW people to help you. I'm not good at either of these things, in my mind I'm the one who is supposed to help others.  Read on for my lesson learned.
As summer begins, enjoy the beautiful weather, revisit your goals, adjust accordingly and ask for help when you need it. 
Wishing you peace, love and sparks of gratitude!  Deb
Igniting the Next Generation of YOU!  Ask for help!
If I conducted a "Lessons Learned" or "Post Mortem" session for my move (see you can never stop the project manager in me, I have a spreadsheet for my move!) the first lesson would be, ask for help and the second lesson would be, allow people to help you! I don't believe I am alone here, so let's talk.
I consider myself a helper.  I'm a coach for goodness sakes, I help people all the time.  Clients.  Workshop participants.  Strangers in the grocery store (who can't reach the item on the top shelf).  
I'm a helper. So why is it that I don't ask for help or I refuse help when it is offered?  I know that I am NOT Superwoman (though I do have a few super powers!).
There are many factors for me but the two big one are: 1) I don't want to inconvenience someone else and 2) the stubborn Capricorn in me think she can do it all, all the time.  Let's continue.
When someone asks me for help, I usually do my best to answer honestly and take action.  I don't feel inconvenienced, I feel good when I am able to help another person.  So, why would I deny someone else that feeling?
And if you have known me for more than 5 minutes, you know that I try to do it all and sometimes crash.  The crash usually isn't pretty...crying, self-doubt, panic, fear.  The usual suspects show up.  And yet I know this and still try to do it all.
I was so thankful the day I allowed one of my dear friends to help me pack.  Maybe I refused the help because I was embarrassed by all of my stuff (yes, I do own more than 10 cookie sheets and muffin pans!).  She was very helpful in getting me focused and the garage organized and many boxes packed for the move.  We laughed, we had lunch and we made progress.  And we have good stories and memories today!
So, ask for help when you need it.  Be willing to allow others to be a helper and feel the good feelings.  And always be grateful for your friends and family and all of the gifts in your life.
Self care is important, and allowing your friends to help is part of the journey.
We will continue our discussion next month...xoxo Deb
Tools You Can Use! Visualization
June seems like a good month to stop and assess where we are with our vision for 2016.  In summer, we tend to our crops and start the harvest.  What do your goals look like?  Are you making progress?
Did you create a vision board at the beginning of the year?  I did and its time to take a look at it:
So far so good. It's interesting to see what is there and already manifesting (lots of fun and happiness) and what is missing from my vision board and is manifesting anyway (a new home!).
The Universe always has our backs and is conspiring for our greatest good!  Thanks Universe!
It's also a good time to re-visit your One Word if you received one for the year.  My word is Believe and I hold onto it every day.
If you missed my webinar in January and would like to learn how to discover and receive your One Word, click on the image below. It's never too late for your Word.  You can have one for a year, a season or a situation!
Take a few minutes, a few deep breaths and set your intention for the second half of 2016.  Visualize how you want the rest of the year to unfold.  Then take a few notes, update your vision board or One Word.  And practice gratitude for all the gifts you already have and the ones that are on their way to you.
Deb's Bookshelf
Our current book  is Your Divine Lens by Sue Frederick. Sue is my mentor and I'm looking forward to reading her latest book and sharing my insights with you.  Join me and read along!
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