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June 2016  

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Welcome! We hope you'll enjoy this monthly update on all things Upstream Arts. We only include highlights here, so be sure to keep tabs on our website to learn more about our multidisciplinary arts programs for people with disabilities at every stage of life, as well as public trainings and events.
Meet Our Summer Interns
This summer, Upstream Arts is honored to be working with two new interns, Maddie Phelps and Frances Bates! They only came on board last month; but already, we are blown away by their hard work, thoughtful insights, and abundant creativity. Click here to learn more.

Join the Conversation 
In this corner of The Current, we share videos, articles, and other resources related to our disability is not a four-letter word campaign.
This month, we're catching up with the DIStopia podcast, launched this past April, which "reimagines what it means to be disabled, captivating listeners through its irreverent, edgy, and thoughtful exploration of Disability Culture." DIStopia is hosted by Christopher Smit, Executive Director of DisArt - a multi-platform, culture-building organization and disability arts festival in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
"By increasing access to exemplary examples of disability art and culture," notes their website, "DisArt awakens a spirit of ability equality, social inclusion, physical accessibility, community, and a sense of place for those living with disability."

Check it out and then let us know: How does DIStopia resonate with your own experiences? We'd love to hear from you! 
Upstream Arts
Dear Friend, 
This month in The Current, we're excited to share:
  • Two new open enrollment summer programs
  • A sweet story from one of our spring school programs
  • An introduction to our extraordinary summer interns
  • A rad new podcast created by and for people with disabilities
  • A recap of The Art of We and very exciting update on our big 10th Anniversary fundraising goal
As ever, we're so grateful to have you in our community! Thank you for moving upstream with us.
Julie, Matt, Bree, and everyone at Upstream Arts
Open Enrollment programs blog post
Upstream Arts Teaching Artists and participants in a past summer program at Walker Open Field
Open Enrollment Summer Programs
In addition to a busy next few months of work with Adult Day Programs across the Twin Cities and at the Minnesota State Academy for the Blind, Upstream Arts is delighted to be offering several arts and social skills programs with open enrollment, in partnership with Highland Friendship Club (for individuals of all ages and abilities) and Eden Prairie Parks & Recreation (for individuals with disabilities ages 12-22)! Click here to learn more.
Upstream Arts Teaching Artists Evie Digirolamo and Abigail Magalee
Upstream Arts Teaching Artists Evie Digirolamo and Abbie Magalee (Photo: Theo Goodell)
Looking Back on a Beautiful Spring
June is always an exciting month at Upstream Arts - not only because it's finally warm outside, but also because we start receiving reports and evaluations full of great stories from our school programs! Take this anecdote from Upstream Arts Teaching Artist Evie Digirolamo, following her work in a Special Education classroom at Field Community School: "Today the school staff were astonished at the level of engagement shown by Kyle and Will, who participated in our theater scenario about staying flexible when you don’t get your way. The staff said they saw tactics they’ve never witnessed Kyle or Will using before. For example, in the scenario, we pretended that Kyle had eaten an ice cream sandwich that belonged to me. To right the wrong, Kyle decided he could bring me a new ice cream sandwich from his personal supply. During Will's turn, he told a joke to diffuse conflict. The staff had never heard him tell a joke before." Click here to read more.
Julie and Matt Guidry speaking at The Art of We
Upstream Arts Co-founders Julie and Matt Guidry at The Art of We (photo by David Luke)
Gratitude & The Work Ahead
ICYMI: We had an amazing 10th Anniversary Celebration last month, raising more than $46,800 in support of innovative arts programming for individuals with disabilities at every stage of life! Click here to read a recap full of gratitude on our blog.
We're also thrilled to announce that you took us beyond our big 10th Anniversary Year goal of $100,000 - the grand total raised to date is $103,089 and counting. This remarkable support is inspiring beyond words as Upstream Arts moves into a brand new decade and brings high-quality arts learning experiences to even more people with disabilities, locally and beyond.
On July 1, we will start a new fiscal year, which means we'll announce a new fundraising goal for the coming months. The work never stops! But for now, let's celebrate this huge accoumplishment together. Your generosity will have a profound impact on thousands of lives in the months to come. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU.
If you have not made a 10th Anniversary gift to Upstream Arts and would like to do so, it's never too late! Simply click here to make a secure online donation or call our office at (612) 331-4584.
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