Get ready for 2016!
Get ready for 2016!
December 15, 2015 - Volume 2, Issue 12
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Books = great gifts!
Women Living Consciously, Book II , contains the story of my journey from executive to entrepreneur! It's available  on my website.
Keys to a Good Life: Wisdom to Unlock Your Power Within, contains the story of my journey to Rummage and how you can volunteer to transform your life! It's available on Amazon.
December 2015:
Our book for December is Tune In: Let Your Intuition Guide to You to Fulfillment and Flow, Sonia Choquette.
Deb Wilber is a coach, author, speaker and the owner of Real Life Spark, a coaching practice dedicated to Igniting the Next Generation of YOU!™  
Deb can help you undertand your journey so you can release your fears, feel more confident and realize your purpose.
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Deb's Sparks!
Have you read the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho? It was our November book which I have now read and posted comments on My Bookshelf. It's a great story about intuition and discovering your personal legend. I can't believe I have not discovered this book before now!
2015 has been an interesting year.  In my first blog of 2015 I wrote: A personal year 5 is a year full of fun, adventure, travel, new people and new possibilities!  Sounds great, if you like change because the number 5 is also about change.  I have exciting things planned for 2015 and will remain open to all the people and possibilities that present themselves.
Here's an excerpt from my most recent blog on 2015: My year was full of adventure with travel to Los Angeles, Disney and Italy!  New people came into my life including new personal relationships.   As the saying goes, "We don't meet people by accident.  They are meant to cross our path for a reason."  New people also bring new possibilities and I have met a number of new business contacts who have supported and encouraged me to DREAM BIGGER! 
2015 was a year of great change and adventure for me!  Was it by coincidence or by design?  Did I set my intention to live seeking new people, possibilites and adventure?  Intentions are powerful.
What intentions will you set for 2016?  Read on for tips on intentions and vision boards.  If you would like assistance with your 2016 intentions, let's talk.  Send me a quick message to get the process going.
Enjoy the holidays.  Thanks for an inspiring 2015!  You inspire me.
Wishing you peace, love and sparks of inspiration, Deb
Igniting the Next Generation of You!: Intentions for 2016!
There are only 16 days before we launch into our intentions for 2016! Last month we re-visited our 2015 vision boards and our progress on our 2015 goals and intentions. No judgment, just assessment.  Now its time to plan for 2016.  
What do you want to bring into your life in 2016? I don't like resolutions.  For me, resolutions are associated with failure.  Did you know more than half of us will make at least one resolution and a third of us will abandon it by the end of January.  That doesn't feel good to me.  
Let's use the remaining days of 2015 to think about what we want in 2016.  Focus on what 2016 will look like for you.  Meditate on it.  Take a walk and think about it.  Simply spend a few minutes on you.
Sonia Choquette says "Clear focus is the mind's magic wand. Whatever you clearly focus on, you create".  She the author of our book this month.    
Tools You can Use! - Visions Boards 2016!
I will be working on my vision board again on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.  I love the change in energy as the new year comes in and I really don't like the hype of New Year's parties.  So I have created my own ritual:  set my intention for the new year and create a vision board.
This year, I will also be joining the coloring crazy as I have purchased an 'adult coloring book' (that just doesn't sound right, though that's how it is marketed) which contains cool mandala stickers.  So I can color stickers and add them to my vision board.  Sounds like fun.
A vision board is anything you want it to be and can be created in paper with card stock, magazines, stickers and glue sticks.  Or it can be virtual by collecting interesting tidbits on Pinterest.  I have a 2016 Vision Board started and I invite you to follow me on Pinterest to see how it develops.  And yes, there are even apps for creating your vision board.  No excuses.  DREAM BIG for 2016!
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