This Week in Americana

July 1 - 7, 2023

Clare Cunningham
Jerrika Mighelle
Be Brave
Miles Miller
Solid Gold
Milly Raccoon
Frankincense and Myrrh
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Saltwater Hank
G̱a̱l'üünx Wil Lu Holtga Liimi
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Chris Stamey
The Great Escape
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Noah Riley Teal
Noah Riley Teal
Dale Watson
Starvation Box
  • Jen Ambrose hangs behind the backbeat on the hard-hitting blues cut that serves as the title track of her forthcoming album Plenty Of Nothin’ To Do (out Oct. 6). Listen here

  • Nina de Vitry isn’t afraid to be vulnerable on the soft, intimate "Being with Myself" from her newest record What You Feel is Real (out Aug. 25). Listen here

  • Jeremy Garrett turns a cover of José Gonzalez’s "How Low" into a soul and bluegrass fusion with a helping hand from Bonnie Sims and Ryan Cavanaugh. Listen here

  • Lindsay Lou displays her smooth vocal delivery as Jerry Douglas provides his dobro accompaniment over the charming "Nothing Else Matters" from Lou’s upcoming LP Queen of Time (out Sept. 29). Listen here

  • Providing an easy-going summer vibe, Mipso incorporates a variety of bright instrumentation on "The Numbers" from their upcoming album Book of Fools (out Aug. 25). Listen here

  • With Cara Dillion lending her sweet, tender voice, Martin Simpson & Thomm Jutz perform the traditional folk classic "Come All You Fair And Tender Ladies" from the duo’s forthcoming project Nothing But Green Willow: The Songs Of Mary Sands And Jane Gentry (out Sept. 29). Listen here
Americana On Your Screen
The Arcadian Wild

Austin Cash
"Franklin, King of the Beers"
The Grahams
"The Wild One"
Sierra Ferrell
"Silver Dollar"
(Holler Railbird Sessions)
William Matheny
"Down at the Hotel Canfield"
Phoebe Hunt
"Molly, My Dear!"
AJ Lee & Blue Summit
No Depression Session
(Live from DelFest)
New & Noteworthy News
  • "It wasn’t about me; it was about us. And that has really shaped my relationship with music today. It’s a very spiritual thing for me. It’s connected to something divine and it kind of serves as a compass for me now." – Denitia details how the moment she received her first guitar and performing in church set her on the career path to becoming a singer-songwriter. Listen here

  • Brian Dunne joined the Basic Folk podcast to discuss his admiration for Bruce Springsteen, what makes a good political song and being a band member of Fantastic Cat. Listen here

  • "I felt like this time around... I wanted to go in just telling stories and making cool sounds. Not worrying about ‘do I belong in a studio?’ or ‘am I qualified to produce?’" – Jason Isbell reveals the freedom he sought and his decision to solo produce his and the 400 Unit’s latest record Weathervanes. Listen here

  • "But ultimately, that’s the goal of being an artist. The longer you stick with it, the more of an identity you create. As the oldest kid [in my family], I’m used to breaking the mold and I think I’ve continued to do that in ways in the genre, in Americana and folk and country." – Gabe Lee opens up about being confident in the choices to mold his own sound rather than follow the footsteps of his contemporaries. Read more

  • "I've always enjoyed having guest artists come in and do stuff on my records. I just think it adds more color to it. I think it makes it more interesting and I've always enjoyed doing that." – Lucinda Williams shares the mindset she had when inviting the collaborators who helped lend their talents on her latest record Stories from a Rock n Roll Heart. Listen here

    • "Miles Away" by Old Crow Medicine Show (featuring Willie Watson) debuted at #20 on the Americana Radio Singles Chart. View the full singles chart
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