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AZ Technology Receives 2017 NAITA Global Trade Award
Lynn Leeper, President and CEO of AZ Technology, accepts the 2017 NAITA Global Trade Award from Zach Barry, International Sales Manager, Aladdin Light Lift, who was the 2016 NAITA Global Trade Award Recipient.
HUNTSVILLE, AL, May 30, 2017 – The North Alabama International Trade Association announces that Huntsville small business AZ Technology received the 2017 NAITA Global Trade Award at NAITA's 34th annual World Trade Day luncheon.
AZ produces Thermal Control Coatings for Space and Terrestrial applications and Electro-Optical Instruments. AZ also offers many related services in support of these products, like applying the coatings to spaceflight hardware, repairing and calibrating the instruments, as well performing measurements using their instruments.
AZ Technology has been in business for 27 years, and they began selling internationally 25 years ago. Countries they have done business with and expect to continue working with in the foreseeable future include Russia, China, South Korea, France, UK, Japan, Canada, Argentina, Israel, Switzerland, Spain, Norway, Germany, Singapore, Finland and Mexico. Exports contribute over 42% of AZ’s sales.
Originally, AZ’s export sales were to the various International Space Station partners, and that was a small percentage of sales. The growth in the global satellite market has increased this to approximately half of sales, with yearly fluctuations of 10 to 20% due to exchange rates and country economic or political issues. Russia has been a strong market in the past, but almost all sales there are currently on hold because of their economy.
With 13 employees, and almost 12 of those jobs being dependent upon international business, Lynn Leeper, President and CEO of AZ Technology, states that the company could not survive without export sales.
AZ is a NAITA member and an active participant in NAITA and Export Alabama Alliance programs, which provide critical international business training. AZ has especially benefitted from NAITA’s export control events and networking.
The Global Trade Award was accepted by Lynn Leeper, President and CEO of AZ Technology, on Tuesday, May 23, during the 34th Annual NAITA World Trade Day Luncheon at the Westin Huntsville at Bridge Street Towne Centre.
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