Dear Parents and Guardians,
We want to update you on our process for providing COVID compensatory services (CCS) for your child. COVID compensatory services are services determined by an IEP team needed to remedy a student’s skill loss, behavior loss, or lack of progress as a result of an inability to provide a free and appropriate education (FAPE) while using alternative instruction models (e.g., remote instruction) due to COVID-19. Additional information on CCS can be found at:

For all students who returned to campus 4-days per week:
  1. Your child’s educational team reviewed your child’s progress on all of his or her goals that were in the IEP last school year when we closed (March 2020) and currently remain in your child’s IEP.  We then determined if your child regressed or failed to make progress on any of those goals because we were not able to provide FAPE during the pandemic.
    • Once your child returned to campus 4-days per week, we measured his/her progress on each goal on 2 or more dates and compared that level to their pre-COVID levels.
    • Based on these comparisons, we identified which goals, if any, your child regressed or failed to make adequate progress.
      • We defined regression as: more than half of return-to-school data points are at or below the highest pre-COVID data point
      • We defined non-regression as: 50% or more of return-to-school data points are above the highest Pre-COVID data point
      • We defined failed to make adequate progress as: return-to-school data points at the same level of the highest pre-COVID data point with no trend towards improvement
  2. For non-regressed goals, we will continue to monitor your child’s progress as part of our regular progress monitoring process.  These goals are not eligible for CCS.
  3. For regressed goals, we will continue to monitor your child’s progress on those goals to determine if your child will recoup those lost skills.
    • If your child did not recover or make adequate progress on any goal by March 26, 2021, we will schedule an IEP meeting with you and your LEA to discuss appropriate CCS services.
    • If your child recovered on all of her/his goals CCS services are not warranted or needed.

At the CCS IEP meeting, you and the IEP team will decide on what skills, supports, and delivery options are necessary to remedy skill loss.  Please note that determining CCS will be individually based and CCS options may include (but are not limited to): providing additional services, durations, or frequencies of services after school or during school hours including ESY; modifying or adapting instructional strategies and teaching practices; or offering a related service intervention to support that goal. CCS is not designed to replace a student’s IEP – it will be provided, with your approval, in addition to your child’s IEP. Parents are critical members of IEP team and you will be included in the CCS decision-making process. We will begin scheduling CCS IEP meetings after spring break.

After April 9, 2021, you will receive a personal letter or email that will identify your child’s goals and will explain whether your child regressed or did not regress on those goals.  We will also include graphed data for each goal so that you can see your child’s levels both before remote instruction and after your child returned to school.  By looking at these easy-to-read graphs, you will also be able to see how we determined regression/lack of adequate progress or no regression, and if your child recouped any lost skills after returning to on-campus instruction.

For students who remain virtual, data collection will begin once your child returns to the school building to receive his/her instruction. For some of our students that may mean we begin this process at the start of the 2021-2022 school year.  

Please look forward to receiving your child’s graphed data and explanations after April 9, 2021. Please be sure that your email is accurate in the Parent Portal.  Details about accessing the Parent Portal are below.
We hope you have a restful and enjoyable spring break.


Darren G. Levin, Ph.D.
Director of Clinical Services

Lisa Wood, M.Ed.
Director of Education

Parent Portal
1. Go to
2. Click the icon for Parent Portal on the right side of the page
3. Enter your username and password 
4. Go to the Verification Menu to edit, review, and confirm your information.

Parent Portal Support
Email – please state your child’s name in your message and describe your issue in detail. 

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