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Miami Newsletter
September 2017: Volume 2, Issue 2
Thanks for taking time to read Miami's Office of Off-Campus Outreach and Communication newsletter to Property Managers, Landlords, and others who have a stake in the student rental business in Oxford. 
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  • Community Survey
  • Solicitation on Campus
  • Accessibility for Students with Physical Disabilities

Community Survey

We need your help! 
Miami University and the City of Oxford were recently selected (through a competitive statewide process) to participate in the Ohio College Initiative Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Pilot Project. A significant component of this initiative involves surveying Miami students, faculty and staff, and major Oxford stakeholders (including property managers/landlords!). 
The survey - called the Optimal Town Gown Assessment - is a widely-used instrument that helps measure campus and community perceptions of each other. 
The Oxford-Miami Town Gown Initiatives Team (TGIT), a group that includes the Oxford Mayor and Miami's Dean of Students, will be launching this survey in early October 2017. We believe that input received will help our ongoing efforts to identify and promote mutually beneficial town-gown partnerships. 
The survey received exempt status from Miami's Institutional Review Board (certification number 02587e). We would be happy to answer any questions you might have about the survey or this pilot.
OUR REQUEST: Please consider taking 5-7 minutes to take the survey online in early October when you receive the email invitation. We greatly appreciate your help in encouraging a robust and meaningful response to the survey. 
Solicitation on Campus

We have recently received reports of a few Oxford rental companies setting up and/or providing giveaways on campus - without permisson - to market their properties. Miami University has several policies that speak to soliciting on campus; please consider this as a reminder to review the policies and, when in doubt, please reach out to the Office of Off-Campus Outreach with questions. 
If you suspect another company is set up without permission, you can report the company to the Office of Student Activities at (513) 529-2266 or
Miami Policies: 

You do have an opportunity to reach students through the Off-Campus Partners, LLC, Listing Service. Members of the service are also invited to attend the Associated Student Government's Off-Campus Housing Fair (in partnership with Off-Campus Outreach), which is held in accordance with policy governing student organizations.
Accessibility for Students with Physical Disabilities

wheelchair icon
Some students with physical disabilities have reported difficulty locating any off-campus options that are accessible to students who need wheelchair access. While we know there are options out there, those options are not always easy to find. 
Please consider making it clear on your website or other promotional materials when you have a unit that is accessible.
To Members of the Listing Service: There is a filter on the site wherein students can search for accessibility - please check to ensure that your listings are up-to-date with this information. 
Thank you!


Past issues of this newsletter can be found at Off-Campus Outreach's Property Manager Webpage
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