Starting Friday.
Starting Friday.
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Student vaccination on campus

Nazareth today received 500 doses of the Johnson & Johnson/Janssen COVID-19 vaccine to administer promptly only to Nazareth students, at no charge, in what’s expected to be a one-time vaccination effort this semester in the Golisano Training Center on campus. The vaccine arrived with short notice from the federal government, with coordination by the Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities in New York, of which Nazareth is a member.
Who's eligible: Nazareth students ages 18 and older who do not have COVID-19 symptoms, have not been exposed to or diagnosed with COVID-19 within the last 10 days, and haven’t been vaccinated for COVID-19.
Appointments are required, through the Nazareth student health portal.
  • Friday, April 9, 2-4 p.m.
  • Saturday, April 10, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.
  • Monday, April 12, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.
  • Tuesday, April 13, noon- 7 p.m.
  • Wednesday, April 14, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.
Standby list: If appointments are full, you can indicate the days and times you are likely to be quickly available to be on campus if called (if openings occur). Sign up on the standby list.
What’s required at your appointment:
  • Arrive at Golisano Training Center about 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.
  • Be ready to show your green badge from your Naz daily online screening.
  • Bring your NazCard ID.
To make your vaccination go smoothly:
  • Stay well hydrated before and after your appointment.
  • You’ll need to complete two forms:
  • The shot goes in your arm; wear a short-sleeve or sleeveless shirt.
  • Expect to remain after your shot for a 15-minute or 30-minute observation time.
Say thank you to our incredibly hard-working Health and Counseling staff, our Nursing Department faculty and nursing students, and other Nazareth employees, who — with little notice — are rallying to make this vaccination effort possible.


Do I need a second dose?
No. The J&J vaccine requires one dose.
Once vaccinated, do I need to wear a mask on campus?
Yes. For now, mask wearing and social distancing are still required in all common areas for everyone on the Nazareth campus — even those who are fully vaccinated. People seeing you don’t know whether you have been vaccinated, so out of respect and consideration for the comfort and safety of our community, you need to keep your mask on. Also, we have to follow both CDC guidelines and New York State rules for higher education. When those rules change, we can re-evaluate campus rules.
Exceptions are noted on the Face Coverings page, including: It’s OK to take mask breaks outdoors, 15 feet away from others.
As vaccination rates increase, we expect to get to the point where students can gather with other vaccinated students, mask-free. So mask up, for now. We will celebrate together when we can safely do so!
Why get vaccinated now, vs. waiting until the end of the semester? How will this benefit me and our community?
  • Quarantine exemption: Once you are fully vaccinated (two weeks past your J&J dose), if you're exposed to someone who then tests positive for COVID-19, you are exempt from an otherwise-required 10-day quarantine. That means no disruption to your classes and finals.
  • Surveillance testing exemption (except as required for athletes).
  • Delaying vaccination means more time that you're possibly exposed or could be exposing others to the virus. Selecting the soonest date is recommended by public health officials to protect you and others.
  • “Full immunity” occurs two weeks after vaccination. At that point, you can spend time off campus with vaccinated family and friends, unmasked.
  • Vaccine availability and eligibility varies by place. You might have a harder time getting vaccinated elsewhere.
  • Vaccination opens up international travel options.
I have a medical condition. Is vaccination advised for me?
Where can I read more about this vaccine and who shouldn’t get it?
I thought vaccine eligibility was expanded to ages 16 and up?
New York state on Tuesday expanded COVID-19 vaccine eligibility to ages 16 and up. So far, the only brand of vaccine approved for ages 16 and 17 is Pfizer. Nazareth has only been provided the J&J vaccine, which is only authorized for ages 18 and up.
What are my options if I can’t get the J&J vaccine at Nazareth?
For vaccine appointments that are open to all state residents (including students at colleges in the state) ages 16 and older, check the Monroe County vaccine webpage or the Finger Lakes region’s appointment finder (includes pharmacies). You also can check the state website or call the state hotline, 833-697-4829.
Will vaccination be required on campus?
Nazareth College follows New York state guidelines. At this time, the state does not require COVID-19 vaccination.
Do I need to do anything if I’m a student who’s already been vaccinated off campus?
Please complete these two steps, if you haven’t already, in the Nazareth student health portal:
  • Upload a copy of your vaccine card (such as a clear photo)
  • And manually enter the date(s) of vaccination

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We also sent a Forward Flyers e-newsletter on Tuesday with timely information about performing arts audiences and more. You can find all 2021 pandemic-related e-newsletters on our Latest Updates webpage.

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