Restoration Studies in Full Swing at Malheur Lake
Restoration Studies in Full Swing at Malheur Lake

People Who Collaborate

Casey O'Connor has described himself as being in the "nerd" fire role. He's a Fire Planner with the Burns Interagency Fire Zone (BIFZ) which is work that varies seasonally. You may find him behind a desk working on operational plans, attending meetings or drafting fire decision documents. You can also find him at times, locally and possibly in other areas of the U.S. where help is needed, being on a fire line in various roles as well as aiding with prescribed burning. "My duties are very diverse which makes this a challenging, yet fun job." READ MORE.

Restoration Studies in Full Swing at Malheur Lake

As the Harney Basin Wetlands Collaborative, a collaborative of High Desert Partnership, seeks to restore Malheur Lake, there are a trio of studies currently in progress that are examing where carp congregate, what affects water turbidity and what is causing the lack of emergent vegetation. READ MORE & Listen to an interview with Aquatic Health Coordinator Dominic Bachman.  (Once hitting play for this interview, the interview begins after about an 8 minute intro.)
  • A mesocosm structure in Malheur Lake that is reached by airboat. 
  • Emergent vegetation plots at Malheur Lake.
  • One of 36 carp that were tagged the last week of April in an effort to track their movement around Harney Basin's waterways. 

Prescribed Burns Benefit Desert and Forest Landscapes

In the spring and fall, it’s not unusual to see smoke billowing up from areas in Harney County. The smoke is not from out-of-control wildfires, but from prescribed burns purposefully set by the Bureau of Land Management, the Forest Service and the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. READ MORE.
Pictured below: A prescribed burn being implemented in the Pueblo Mountains. Photo by Jeremy Hill.

Fire Aware. Fire Prepared.

A new fire awareness and prevention from the forestry and natural resources folks at Oregon State Extension. Learn about upcoming sessions and register HERE. Upcoming sessions:
  • June 16: After the fire

Project IBiS Continues

Project IBiS is helping provide information on bird communities that utilize flood-irrigated ranch lands in Harney County as well as provide information on how new infrastructure at some properties is influencing bird use of these areas. Check out this website to learn how being outside counting birds can make a difference and where you can help.
 2021 Upcoming Events 
Wednesday, June 16| High Desert Partnership Board Meeting
Thursday, July 15Harney County Wildfire Collaborative Meeting
Wednesday, July 21High Desert Partnership Board Meeting
Wednesday, August 18High Desert Partnership Board Meeting
Thursday - Sunday, September 8 - 12Harney County Fair and Rodeo

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