The Haverford School’s vision is “to create and nurture a supportive and inclusive community in which boys develop a passion for lifelong learning, creative problem solving, and sound decision making.” The Haverford School is committed to being a community in which every boy feels loved, respected, and free to express himself.
As a community, we are fully committed to ongoing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives and to building upon the work of current and former Board members, students, faculty, and staff who began this journey years ago.
All Haverford School leadership bodies are committed to carrying out the School's mission fully, which necessarily includes committing resources, time, and attention to Haverford's coordinated DEI work. In a letter to the Haverford School community in September 2019 reflecting on a Board retreat, Bill Yoh and John Nagl stated:
Our recent alumni and current students enter a world that is more dynamic and integrated than the one joined by any prior generation of Haverford men. Colleges and universities, businesses, and civic organizations want leaders and contributors who are prepared to serve on increasingly diverse teams with complex mandates. The role models of today and tomorrow need to have unprecedented levels of cultural and socio-economic awareness. They must think critically and conduct civil discourse about disparate views and ideas. Success in college, in career, and in life requires proficiency in these areas.
After researching, analyzing, and arriving at consensus about the Haverford School’s response to our rapidly changing world, the School’s position is clear:
The better our boys understand themselves and others, while prioritizing respect, critical thinking, and their ability to drive constructive outcomes, the more successful and effective they will be as citizens. We must continue to expose students to differences, incorporate inclusion into our programs and curriculum, and train our faculty to give every boy what he needs to succeed, now and in the future. 
To provide strategic guidance, support and direction to this DEI work, the Board of Trustees formed the Task Force on Character and Culture, chaired by Ravi Reddy ’90 and Randall Drain ’01. The task force’s support extends to the work of all student organizations, the Haverford School Parents Association, and the Alumni Executive Council.
This work builds on the vision articulated in our recently published Strategic Plan, Lifelong Learning and Leading, and will become part of the fabric of The Haverford School for generations to come.
The Board of Trustees stands dedicated to The Haverford School’s diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, which are essential to accomplishing the School’s mission.
The Haverford School community prepares boys for life by developing men of character, intellect, and compassion who will transform our world.
Maurice Glavin, Board Chairman
Maurice Glavin ’83 P’14 ’16 ‘20
Board Chair

Maurice Glavin, Board Chairman
John A. Nagl, D. Phil
Ninth Head of School
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