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July 19, 2016
Heartfelt hydration
Summer’s here! As the temperatures go up, you will want to stay hydrated. Knowing when to hydrate and how much fluid you need is key to your heart function. It allows blood to pump better to your muscles and keeps them working right. Staying hydrated also guards against serious conditions like heat stroke.  
Get enough fluids by:
  • Keeping a reusable bottle of water with you during the day. You’ll save money, stay hydrated and cut down on waste.

  • Adding fresh fruit to make water tastier. Use citrus, melons, berries or cucumbers for flavor.

  • Drinking water when outdoors on hot days and especially before, during and after exercise.

  • Making water a part of your schedule. Drink a glass when you wake up, at each meal and on breaks. 
You inspire me.
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Sign in to your Well-Being Account and search for recipes with high water, high nutrient foods like melons, berries and tomatoes.

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