The mini computer that makes a big impact
The mini computer that makes a big impact

The migration to Android is here.

Planning a migration strategy isn’t easy, which is why we are here to help. 
Our years of expertise in software development, hardware selection and configuration and support services turn your limited IT resources into a band of heroes. 
In this month’s blog we talk about the reasons to start your planning now and some incentives to help get you moving.
See why it makes sense.

NEW! Honeywell 8680i Wearable

The 8680i is a wearable mini mobile computer that packs a punch in a tiny package.  A few critical features that make a wearable…well, wearable, is its ergonomic design, high-performance scanning and Bluetooth® connectivity.  
The benefits of a wearable of this caliber is to streamline some of the more high-capacity workflows like picking, packing, sorting and putaway, with the goal of decreasing transaction times and increasing efficiencies.
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Consider the Convenience of Mobile Devices

Industrial handheld computers offer multiple benefits in one ergonomic footprint.  Mobile workers are proven to be more productive when working in a mobile environment, with a reduction in data entry errors, faster transaction times and overall operational efficiency.
If you're interested in learning how mobile devices streamline workflows, talk with us about the convenience of mobile computing – from hands-free devices for pickers and packers and vehicle-mount computers for forklift operators, to rugged tablets and industrial handhelds.   
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