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Olszewski Luminiart Collection

Introducing the Olszewski Luminiart Collection

Binder No. 2 The Egyptian Pyramid

I am pleased to announce the release of Binder No. 2.  This publication illustrates how I created the "Egyptian Pyramid" for the 'Luminiart' Collection and describes in detail the process I used to create the piece and the microsculpting that is found inside.  Read my own commentary how the Luminiart concept evolved along with comments on each of the 9 Luminiart designs.  To purchase your personally autographed and dedicated  Binder No. 2 please visit my online store (
Bob Olszewski
Shown to the right is The Egyptian Pyramid in an "open position" revealing the piece's mysteries inside.

A brief word about the Binders...

Based on my progress creating the first two Binders to date, it takes me about 6 months to research, organize, write and produce a Binder topic.  To date, I have produced two Binders to include:  The Poultry Seller (Binder No. 1) and the newly released The Egyptian Pyramid (Binder No. 2).  These Binders document my personal thoughts on a 'broad subject' and feature how one design such as the "Egyptian Pyramid" or "Poultry Seller" was made.  This latest publication, Binder No. 2, presents how I learned from the challenges of creating scenes within small spaces which evolved to my creating the "Gallery of Light" concept. My personal communications with collectors revealed the Binders will accompany the collections they pass on to their next generation. The comments collectors have been making can be found by clicking here

Good News!     On December 24th 2020, my contract was extended to create new designs for the Disney Team. Coming up for release in 2021 will be a new Gallery of Light,  so be on the watch for an email notification containing news on the release. To sign up to receive the news, click here or visit my website or my online store by clicking on the links provided. You can also email me.
The Egyptian Pyramid by Olszewski
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