Department Changes, Get Prepared for Fall 2020
Department Changes, Get Prepared for Fall 2020
Welcome Back to Fall 2020,

I hope you have all enjoyed a safe and pleasant summer. All of us in the Hospitality and Retail Management (HRM) department look forward to welcoming you back into our classrooms this fall, whether on campus or online.
There have been numerous changes both in the department and at the university since you were last here. These changes are designed to help keep you and others safe on campus this fall. Learn more about the updates in both the department and university-wide below.

Dr. Robert Paul Jones
Associate Professor and Department Chairperson
The department is excited to announce the addition of three (3) new faculty to the department. We are sharing short introductions on each new faculty member so that you can get acquainted with them before your return. 
Dr. Jing Li
Dr. Li previously served at the University of South Carolina where she earned her Ph.D.earlier this year. Dr. Li's research and instruction focus on areas associated with tourism. As our first faculty specializing in tourism, we look forward to the benefits her specialty area brings to HRM.

Dr. Leslie Cuevas
Originally from San Juan (McAllen), TX, Dr. Cuevas joins us from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Dr. Cuevas' research focuses on social media and influencers utilizing qualitative research techniques. In this digital age, her new classes and expertise in online marketing will only enhance our program.
Mr. Gary Danhof
We are pleased to have Mr. Danhof as an Associate Professor of Practice in RHIM. With over 20 years of restaurant and food service experience, Mr. Danhof's wealth of industry knowledge will add new flavor to the program. Mr. Danhof will serve alongside ExecutiveChef Jason Lindley to work with students on our lunch and dinner series for Skyviews.
Ms. Amber Loy
Ms. Loy is now serving as Coordinator for the department. Ms. Loy previously served as an Academic Advisor for the college. Amber is a proud veteran, and we are excited to have her on board.
Sadly, the department saw the departure of two of our valued faculty over the summer. We are grateful for the meaningful contributions they both made to the department and wish them well on their journey ahead.

Dr. Barry McCool
Dr. McCool announced his retirement in late spring. Dr. McCool enjoyed an extensive military career as a marine and naval aviator and a substantial career in higher education as a Certified Hospitality Educator. Dr. McCool published several hospitality-related articles and was the recipient of many research grants primarily focused on hospitality safety and security.

Mr. Garvin O'Neil 
Mr. O'Neil, Associate Professor of Practice, decided it was time to return to the industry. Mr. O'Neil was instrumental in making enhancements to our lunch and dinner series as well as modernizing Skyviews. He played a pivotal role in securing the nearly $600,000 gift from the Moody Foundation to begin the long-awaited renovation of Skyviews, which is now underway. 
When you return to campus, you will notice many changes. Some classes will be held outdoors, we will all be wearing face coverings, masks, or face shields. There will be a multitude of sanitization stations, social distancing protocols, and more. Not to mention the signs reminding us all how to protect ourselves and others. Be prepared - there are lots of signs around campus. To help you prepare to return to the Texas Tech community, I have outlined several important updates below. 
Face Coverings Are Required
Students are expected to enter the building wearing a face covering and keep it on throughout the class period, when walking through the building, and outdoors when social distancing is not feasible. There will be sanitization stations or kiosks located in academic buildings where students may obtain a temporary face mask for free if they do not have one. 

Please remember this protocol is in place to help protect you and the entire Texas Tech community. As a gentle reminder, students without a face covering and who are unwilling to wear a face mask may be asked to leave the classroom. 
Be alert to signage posted throughout campus buildings, classrooms, office doorways, and labs. There may also be doorbells installed outside of office spaces to allow entrance in a safe and measured way. Signage may be indicating entry and exit ways, gathering and queuing areas, availability of masks and hand sanitizer, where to sit (and not to), social distancing (six feet apart), and more. It will be essential to pay attention to the signage posted wherever you are to ensure the right protocols are followed. 
Seating Assignments
Students are expected to sit at a minimum of six feet apart, and classrooms have signage on chairs indicating if they are available for use or not. Chairs and other furniture will not be allowed to be moved into the classroom. A required seating chart will be created by our faculty once everyone is positioned with appropriate social distancing. There will also be an orderly procedure, designed to ensure social distancing, for exiting the classroom. 

Sanitizing Your Workspace 
As you enter each classroom or lab space, you will find a large white tub containing sanitizing wipes. You will need to take one as you enter and then wipe down your chair and desk area to sanitize it. You will then discard the wipe as you exit the classroom. 
Please pay special attention to the syllabus for each of your classes this fall. While the syllabus always contains valuable information, now it includes more than ever. There are special sections that provide information regarding illness, unanticipated changes in course modality, student conduct expectations, and more. 
As you can see, we have been busy since you left. If this is your first semester at Texas Tech, we hope it lives up to everything you expected. We are happy to have you in our HRM classes, labs, and learning online. We also look forward to having a safe and healthy semester. 
Come prepared and enjoy your Fall 2020 semester, we can't wait to see you all. 
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