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New Census estimates are out, and that means we’ve updated our wildly popular Who Lives in New Orleans and Metro Parishes Now? site with new 2017 population data. 
Here are some interesting factoids from this latest update:
  • According to 2017 estimates, there are now 91,274 fewer African Americans living in New Orleans compared to 2000, but there are also 7,945 fewer whites. Meanwhile, the number of Hispanics grew by 7,498.
  • The number of Hispanics has increased in all eight metro area parishes, with Jefferson Parish experiencing the largest increase from 32,418 in 2000 to 65,581 in 2017.
  • The number of children in the metro area is substantially lower than pre-Katrina. The metro had 358,092 children under 18 years in 2000 and only 284,231 in 2017. 
Want more? Check out the full Who Lives in New Orleans and Metro Parishes Now? You can also request an Excel file with more detailed data at:
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